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New Art Pieces

Dudley Hippordrome artwork

Over the Lock artwork

Shop Front artwork

Wolverhampton Factories artwork


1. Dudley Hippodrome

2. Over the Lock

3. Shop Front

4. Wolverhampton Factories

Artworks submitted to Nottingham Castle open this month. Each piece is acrylic ink, ink pen and image transfer on paper.

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31 Days of Collage #14- #31

My collages for August were posted everyday on my Instagram and Tumblr- this is just a catch up post for this blog. If you want to see the individual posts for each collage please see either my Instagram or Tumblr posts.

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31 Days of Collage #7

31daysofcollage #7


31daysofcollage #7 with stars


|Collage 7 of 31|

Until the End – mixed media collage using vintage magazine scans, vintage adverts, silver foil, text, acrylic ink and pencil crayons on postcard.

Second image shows the foil stars catching the light.

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31 Days of Collage #4

31daysofcollage 4

|Collage 4 of 31|

Gone Too Far – collage using vintage magazine scans, stamps and acrylic ink on card.

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Textures- Works in Progress

texture artwork wip 1

texture artwork wip 2

texture artwork wip 3

texture artwork wip 4


Spent a couple of hours in Photoshop extracting and putting together some diagram, texture and collage pieces ready to transfer to paper. Many of these diagrams are taken from the British Library’s public domain albums on Flickr.

These will make up the base textures to a coupe of artworks that will be submitted to exhibitions over the next couple of weeks.

I’m planning to print, cut and paste some parts and image transfer some parts using both gel medium and acetate printing techniques. Once on the paper the textures will be drawn, painted and inked over.



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New Artwork- Test Card

test card artwork


Test Card, ink pen, watercolour, colour fineliner, acrylic ink, white gel pen, 9x19cm

The small testcard was challenging to get looking right, I ended up using my mini colourful Stablio fineliners to colour in the sections.

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International Postcard Show 2016

postcard sightseeing

postcard together

1] Sightseeing, mixed media postcard, 6 x 4 inches

2] Together, mixed media postcard, 6 x 4 inches

Two postcards I sent off to Nottingham for Surface Gallery’s International Postcard Show. Both postcards have a base of paper ephemera- a mixture of train tickets and car park ticket stubs with acrylic ink, watercolour and ink pens. Together has found vintage anatomy images- the heart in the middle has also been cut apart and hand stitched together with black thread.

Will be nice to start off this year with an exhibition with artists from around the world.


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