Artist Statement

I am a West Midlands based mixed media artist and illustrator. I studied and obtained my Fine Art BA and Masters degrees at the University of Hertfordshire.

My art practice primarily focuses on exploring industrialisation, deterioration and research into ideas of the technological sublime. My work examines the aesthetic of the these concepts in addition to aspects of the theoretical philosophy of the sublime. I like to challenge the viewer’s conventions of the subject matter offering a different perspective to the usual and familiar. My current work has progressed to the focus of broken and defunct technology/transport and exploring the landscapes in which it is found. I am interested in how this subject matter is presented and seen in everyday life; how it blends both aesthetically and subconsciously into the banal, familiar landscape.

I am interested in the juxtaposition and possible conflict between the presented aesthetics of the medium and the subject matter. My pieces are usually mixed media on paper, my preferred combination of media being ink, acrylic paint, digital collage and paper-based collage. I often use many processes and layers within my work to reflect both the depth of the subject matter and the interaction of  the various mediums I use in each piece.

My recent work is also representative of my own everyday interaction with the West Midlands area and appreciation of its industrial, commercial and technological history.

My illustration work takes on a similar style but my exploration of subject matter and application greatly differs between each piece. I create illustrations that range from inherently personal to specific commissioned pieces and everything in between.

I am also available for graphic design work. I create logos and branding materials for small businesses in my local area and also posters and paper based advertising materials for charity events. In addition to this, I have made many invitations and greeting cards for private clients.

I am available for privately commissioned and freelance art, illustration and design work-however large or small. Please email me if you are interested.




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