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Decorating Boxes- Old Sweet Shop

For a charity week/event at Crystal Finance, I was asked to turn an old laptop cardboard box into something that reflected an old sweet shop. The box would hold various sweets and chocolates to sell for charity- the smaller gold box you can see in the images acted as a money pot.

I used acrylic paint for the majority of the box, the white dots were actually made with a circle paper punch and blank sticky label. The sweets jars and sign were watercolour, ink pen and acrylic ink, these were fun to paint. I also added some blue polka dot ribbon on the inside so that the top of the box would stay upright when opened.

This actually took me a couple of days but I loved how it came out and now I won’t want to throw out any boxes in case I feel like decorating them for something else.

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Playing with Packaging- Small Mixed Media Sculpture

Another Playing with Packaging piece- a small mixed media sculpture.

I hate throwing away interesting/nice looking packaging so I try to use it in some way. This is made from two cardboard boxes and one plastic container from Lily Lolo.

This piece includes layers of paint, ink, vintage imagery, flat back pearls, thread and cut text.

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Frozen Watercolour




The watercolour/drawing I originally made for my Frozen wall plaque.

I created this on 250gsm Fabriano paper then cut around the forms to attach to the wooden, readily inked plaque.


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Finished artwork- Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Ink


Finished the little watercolour and ink Tomb Raider piece.

I was asked to create a custom Tomb Raider birthday card and this is part of its design.
Lara’s design is based off earlier game models.

This was quite fun to do since I’ve been a huge Tomb Raider fan for years, I may actually make a large Lara Croft ink and paint piece separate to this.

For the image on the card I used the artwork at just the watercolour stage- later I decided to finish the piece separately with the addition of acrylic ink.



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Playing With Packaging Part 3


Endeavour, eyeshadow box, mixed media.

Playing with packaging again- I decided to use a Sugarpill eyeshadow box from a recent purchase, recycle it and create something new with it.

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Greetings Card Design- Good Luck


Custom Good Luck card design.

Comes with its own brown envelope.


These cards are also available with any desired text.


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Valentine’s Card Designs


valentines 2


Working on a couple of Valentine’s Day card designs. Will probably make a few more.

Custom designs are always available of course.


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New Box Piece














My latest finished box piece. It’s untitled as of now but I may eventually title it something.


I used a small soap box a friend bought back from a short hotel stay in Peterborough. I’m glad my my friends know to not bring me back souvenirs but old boxes and paper ephemera.

The interior of the box is painted black with acrylic paint and the inside back panel is red, purple and white acrylic ink.


The vintage anatomical heart image is available here from The Graphics Fairy and is attached to the box with black thread.

I then drew various sized gears form black card to fit inside the box at different heights and different lengths into the box.


I covered the outside of the box with old book scans (that I actually scanned quite a while ago) and distressed the outer edges with black ink.

To finish off the piece I added a blue teardrop rhinestone and transferred my beetle temporary tattoo from my Wonderbeats Kickstarter reward.


Look at my other box pieces:

Here and here.

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Inky Bookmark






I had some artwork off-cuts of cream and brown paper that had been inked which I didn’t to throw away. Of course I decided to make them into a bookmark.

The image is from The Graphics Fairy (as always). I used a little bit of ink to enhance her detailing and image transfered the quote “Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.”

On the back, over the top of the purple and white ink, I used a simple craft text stamp.

Now I kind of want to make a series of these and possibly sell them…maybe. Even if I don’t sell them, I’ll have some nice bookmarks for myself.

I need to do a little trial of setting up an online shop to sell a few things I’ve made recently.

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More Playing with Packaging






I decided to make another piece with an Illamasqua eyeshadow box. I wanted to create something more abstract than the scene I created before.

Using the name of the eyeshadow as inspiration, I stitched between the two sides of the box with black thread- making a network of both connecting and parallel thread.

I cut thing strips of tracing paper and slid them into thread in different postions. I then used a pipette and ink pull the thread and tracing paper together. Finally I glued the front of the box back onto the main section to complete the piece.








I also created something with a Sugarpill eyeshadow box.

This time I took inspiration from Tako’s colour itself- white. For this I created clouds on an ink background and added blue inked rain drops. I then built up the scene with cut out paper clouds attached with foam squares at different heights from the base of the box.

I used black cardboard to create a kite silhouette and also attached that with a foam square, glueing one final cloud shape to the kite itself. I attached black thread to the centre of the kite, pulled tight and glued to the bottom of the box.

I used red thread, attached it to the bottom of the kite, twisted it round and glued it to the bottom of the box.

Finally, to finish, I cut out the ‘Tako’ from the box sticker and attached it to title the piece.



Link to my first eyeshadow box piece.


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