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Blog Update 2017

Bham Buildings watermak

I’ve slowly fallen away from posting to this blog because of posting to other, more interactive social media. After this post I will aim to again post on here when I post other places on the internet, I do quite like that this is just a place based around my artwork.

If you’re interested you can see my just artwork posts from October 2016 to now on my Tumblr . My Tumblr in general is my artwork posts along with other posts of inspiration whether that’s other artists, exhibitions, animation, film or just other things I find generally interesting-

My Instagram is also posts of my artwork but also includes more personal posts in relation to my life as an artist- exhibitions, travelling, studio, works in progress etc.

Please take a look around my posts and links I’ve posted here.
Also I’m still, as usual, open for commissions, collabs and exhibitions. You can get in touch with me via email




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Local Craft Fair Selling


A selection of arty things I was selling today in Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton.

I am open for commissions for Christmas now- cards, gift boxes, stationery gifts, artwork and anything along those lines. Email me at for more info.

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New Artwork: Resting Place

Resting_Place copy

Close-up details:





Resting Place, acrylic ink, ink pen, cut text on card, 27.2 x 9.5cm

Plane graveyards are sparking my interest more than usual recently. I’m hoping this will be the start of a decommissioned plane series, this is somewhat of a test piece that turned out better than I was expecting.

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Project U-neek Event: The Artwork Cafe

This blog post is a little overdue, however I’ve had a lot of stressful family and personal stuff going on since I went to the July 4th event  at The Artwork Cafe, Birmingham– so is life.

The Artwork Cafe 04/07/2013

I was invited by Alexandria Robinson-Sutherland, the creator of Project U-Neek, to display at the event alongside the featured artist/illustrator Agata Duda. I took along a few pieces of disaster spectacle artwork produced on my MA course I completed last September and some current smaller pieces from a project I’m currently working on. I usually work in series of images along a certain theme so I figured taking two series of works would demonstrate this and also allow me to talk about the theme and subjects behind each series.


The venue was great for displaying artwork/illustration on the wall for patron of the cafe to enjoy- I like that Project U-neek’s idea of displaying artwork in places other than studios and galleries. It manages to bring artists and their artwork to an audience that may not decide to walk into a gallery or have a specific interest in the art world. The focus on local and emerging artists also helps with recognition and experience of displaying artwork which is vital to the emerging artist. In this regard there also seems to be a great support system behind the artists that are selected, this definitely helps with confidence as an artist especially when talking about your own work in front of an audience.



There was also an interview with the featured artist conducted by Alex. An insight into the artist’s methods and motivation is always a great accompaniment to viewing their artwork. I also think this is an important part of bringing emerging artists to the attention of local and public audiences as I’ve found that sometimes the idea of ‘the artist’ can get misconstrued. In my experience, people are far more likely to talk to you about your artwork when they’re aware of your inspiration and how you try and present your ideas. It results in far more interesting conversations anyway.



The event had lovely refreshments and a raffle with a wide variety of prizes. In between announcements and the interview there were a couple of live performances by Asher Soul which I thought really bought the event together and showed support of all local art forms.

Overall this was a great event for the local community, the venue itself and ,of course, emerging artists.

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Playing around with Photoshop



Playing around with ideas in Photoshop instead of using my usual sketchbook. Just felt like doing something different and actually could’t be bothered to get my sketchbook from upstairs- which is awful I know. Drew things with my tablet, made brushes out of them, changed the composition, layered different things etc.

I also want to physically make this on paper with ink. I’m interested in how differently it will come out when using a more traditional medium.

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Thoughts of Inspiration

I received an ask on Tumblr about where inspiration can be found during an ‘art block.’ Where do you find something you can work with and your mind can relate to, to keep you creating. I thought I’d post my answer here too as it demonstrates how I’m always collecting ‘things’ to use in my artwork:


I guess I get it from all different kinds of places. I learned from university lecturers and my own experience that always collecting and having readily available ‘sources of inspiration’ to hand is a necessity.

I’m always collecting ‘things’ usually paper ephemera but can also be little objects, writing down quotes or words I’ve heard or seen throughout the day- having a notebook/sketchbook with you when you go out is so important. You never know when ‘inspiration with strike’ as they say.

I also have a folder on my computer and my phone of images that I collect- photos taken myself, images saved from the internet, images scanned in. Usually something that has caught my eye or made me think that somehow I’ll be able to use it later. I don’t always know how I’ll use it at that time but it’s something that interested me.

Another thing that is invaluable to know is that strikes of inspiration are rare. Continually making work, writing etc will breed it’s own inspiration.  Even if you make something that you don’t like- cut it up and stick it back together differently. Choose a word at random and make something to convey it there are many online communities that can assist with this.

The internet is also, of course, a great source of inspiration- follow artists works, writers prose, search randomly on google images. I’ve come to love tumblr as a continuing source of visuals that I find ways to put into my organised chaos of inspiration.

That was a bit of a long answer but hopefully at least you can see that even when I’m stuck with a block, I’m no more that a few clicks away from something to boost my artist’s brain.


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Engine Deconstruction







Engine Deconstruction

Ink, acrylic paint on paper, 32x25cm

This is the start of another series focusing on specific iconic parts of commercial aircraft.

This first artwork is obviously based around the jet engine- with varying types of jet engine to follow in subsequent pieces.

I aim to select, splice, overlay, crop and edit together these parts to create a deconstructed series that I don’t actually have a name for yet.

As you can see I prefer working in series so I can research (both literary and visual) topics and construct a theme between the pieces.


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BA Artwork










Just sorting through some of my University BA work.

Found these small images of experiments with scenes and ink. I think I’d like to revisit these and make some into larger paintings/drawings.

I really enjoyed experimenting with ink and text on my Masters course this year so I could combine the two techniques.

These are in a folder labelled Power Series.

All pieces are 30x27cm and are ink on Fabriano pressed paper.



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Snowstorm at New Chitose Airport, Sapporo

Plane operations during a snowstorm at New Chitose airport, Sapporo Japan.

I’ve watched many videos recently of airports during snowy conditions, this is one of my favourites.

Aesthetically I love the combination of harsher weather and aircraft with a backdrop of the commercial airport. The contrast apparent in the heavy weather and the heavy technology also intrigues me.

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New Studio Space

As the Art Therapy MA operates in the same building as us at University and it doesn’t run throughout the summer like we do, I’ve been able to use one of their studios for the rest of the semester. I’m still in the process of setting it up and moving stuff over to here.

I get this studio all to myself until early September, extremely happy. Although the fact that someone drew a crown for the clock unnerves me.

Look at all the space. I’m hoping to start a 3 x 1.5 m work on Monday/Tuesday next week.

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