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A Distinctive Sound

A Distinctive Sound_watermark


A Distinctive Sound, mixed media collage on postcard, 15x10cm

The next piece in my Gotye Project.

The song A Distinctive Sound is on the Australian release of the album Like Drawing Blood. On the International release (the copy I have, being in the UK and all) this is replaced by a new version of the song The Only Thing I Know, originally on the Boardface album. I will be making pieces for both songs in this project.

This track is very much an audial collage of sounds, music and vocals. I wanted to reflect the layers and texture with this piece. The cut text emphasises various ‘lyrics’ throughout the song.


See other artworks in this series here.

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Inktober #29 | Gotye Project Piece




[Inktober #29 and 8th Gotye Piece]

I decided to combine today’s inktober ink piece and a piece for my Gotye Project as I am long overdue adding another artwork to that project.

This is Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver- music and video here on Youtube

This piece is layered writing with an ink pen, acrylic ink applied with a brush (and moved about with a water spritzer) and a final detailing with acrylic in and a small brush.

I took inspiration from the song title itself and the mood of the instrumental song. As it is near Halloween I also wanted to bring out a creepiness in my interpretation of the music.

Hopefully I should be back on track with this project- so many other things have overtaken my time this year. I like to be able to have time to reflect on my ideas about a song and work out the main themes, artwork layering and composition etc. I like to take into consideration music mood, lyrics and Wally’s original musical intention.


See other artworks in this series here.

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New Artwork: Puzzle with a Piece Missing.



Puzzle with a piece missing, ink, cut text, ink pen, acetate print, 17.3 x 23cm

The next piece done for my ongoing Gotye project.

With this piece I wanted to capture the overall sombre feeling of the song. I decided to use muted blue and purple ink accented with simple black and white. I also wanted the figure to look and solemn reflective with the jigsaw texture (and the absent pieces) as an obvious link to the song title.

The subtle graphics in the background ink is a collage made in Photoshop from vintage diagrams and text, printed onto acetate and then onto the ink base. The text in the piece is a couple of lines from the song.

I used this stock image by AmethystDreams1987 as drawing reference.


See other artworks in this series here.

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New Artwork: Learnalilgivinanlovin


Learnalilgivinanlovin, ink, acrylic paint, text transfer, 20.5 x 21cm

The next piece done for my ongoing Gotye project.

With this piece I wanted to capture the overall feeling of the song- joyful and uplifting. I decided to put the complete lyrics of the song (repeated) in a heart as the central focus of the piece. The different silhouettes are bringing everything together within the piece itself.

I created the rainbow ink background to again reinforce the overall joyous and ‘colourful’ nature of the song. I also took inspiration for the official animated video of the song created by Shannon Cross-which can be watched here on Youtube.

Again I used SenshiStock (DA | Tumblr) stock images and poses as references for drawing the silhouettes.


See other artworks in this series here.

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New Artwork: Thanks for Your Time


Thanks for your time, ink, acrylic paint, image transfer, collaged imagery, brown paper on card, 14 x 21 cm

This piece is long overdue as I’ve been busy with other things and that this piece stumped me for a little while. I produced two other pieces for the same song but wasn’t happy with either of them so I endeavoured to start again.

As you can see I was heavily influenced by the amazing official video for this song (watch it here on Youtube) The description of the video explains that it was created by ‘Lucy Dyson by cutting up old magazines, children’s books and photos of innumerable telephones.’

In my piece I used various images from vintage phone adverts, magazines and ‘retro’ inspired patterns to make up the background layer.

Image of the collaged background before painting and ink over the top here.

I wanted to include an image of Wally himself since I haven’t drawn him for a while. I decided to make him annoyed while holding out a phone receiver, again pertaining to the song.

Image inspiration from Getty Images.


See other artworks in this series here.

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Artwork: Coming Back





Coming Back, ink, acrylic paint, dry pastel on paper, 15 x 18cm

This is the next artwork in my Gotye Project.

In this piece I wanted to represent two figures- one lonely and missing the other, filled with thoughts about what they are doing, where they are and the uncertainty that goes along with it. The other falling through these thoughts and fading to a vague recollection.

The grey, blue and black hues symbolise these feelings- the colours are darker further away from the figure representing darker thoughts looming. The figure is also slowly being consumed by darker thoughts of the self at the same time.

The other figure exists within the thoughts but is white, vague and also fading into the surrounding thoughts.

You’ve been gone so long you’re fading
And it takes all the time I
can find just retaining
Thoughts of things we did
while you were here
But I know you will return my dear

Link to the song and official video on Youtube.

Main figure reference is from the amazing SenshiStock

(I did upload this a few minutes ago but saw something on the piece that needed changing so I altered it slightly and re-scanned it)


Previous pieces in the project:

Like Drawing Blood

The Only Way

Hearts A Mess

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Artwork In Progress: Coming Back







I started the next piece my Gotye Project,  here you can see it in various stages and layers. Hopefully I should finish this by the end of the week, a few more layers of ink and paint will bring the whole thing together. You can still see some of the rough sketch/planning lines underneath the ink.

I wish I had started this on thicker paper due to amount of ink I’ve added, however I like how it’s turning out so I’m not going to start over again now.


Other pieces in the project:

Like Drawing Blood

The Only Way

Hearts A Mess



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Artwork: Hearts a Mess






****I actually finished and posted about this on Tumblr at the end of January, but only just realised I hadn’t posted it on here for some reason.****

Hearts A Mess, ink, pen, black thread, cardboard, on paper, 26 x19 cm

The majority of inspiration for the piece came from the first few lines and the title of the song itself.

Pick apart the pieces of your heart

And let me peer inside.

I wanted to show a heart (anatomical, obviously) pulled/ picked apart on the paper. The heart is drawn with an fine-line ink pen and white acrylic ink. The image that I used as reference is from The Graphics Fairy -a great resource for out of copyright and vintage imagery. The thread, keeping the pieces of the heart together, I wanted to be reminiscent of muscles/ strands/ seams that would be pulled to the limit. The viewer can also ‘peer’ in between the gaps created by the crossed threads to the base ink below.

I kept a red and blue theme (keeping in tie with the medial illustration idea) with the ink. As I was using water to transport the ink around the paper, they mixed together and created a deep red, almost purple colour that I liked. I broke up some of the colour with white ink, for aesthetic composition but also so more of the black thread could been seen when placed over the top.

I have a few of the cardboard frames used in this image, I thought this would be great to represent a ‘frame of mind’ (a little literal, but I like it). I drew out a figure silhouette with reference to a stock pose from SenshiStock (another great resource for poses and reference imagery). I felt that keeping the figure ambiguous fit in well with the overall aesthetic and intention of the artwork. I originally thought about using two figures in the piece but after some test sketches I felt that it would create superflous narrative. I continued using the thread as a connector and wrapped it around the figure, connecting it to both the ‘mind’ and the heart but also showing that they both confine the figure at the same time.

Link to the song (and official video) on Youtube.

Next Song is Coming Back which has a lot more narrative than the ones before it, it may take a bit more planning than the others so far.

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Artwork Planning and Stages: Hearts A Mess



The start of my planning for my Hearts A Mess piece. Originally I was playing around with the idea of two figures- possible reaching out for each other or at least one of them reaching out for the other. I was adamant to get an anatomical representation of a heart in the artwork, the one here is drawn with an ink pen and white acrylic ink- with reference to an old medical illustration found here at The Graphics Fairy. A great resource for out of copyright and vintage imagery.


Working out composition before cutting up the heart. The base ink on the paper was done a couple of months ago, it’s from a large piece of paper that I used ink and water on. I cut up the paper into smaller bits to use for different artwork, they’re working great as bases at the moment.





I added another layer of ink to the piece and managed to cut up the heart. I worked out the placement for this and have started stitching between the pieces.

I’m planning to add quite a bit more thread and also ink the figure separate  cut it out and add it to this…with more thread.

I’ll continue tomorrow.


Gotye Project

Like Drawing Blood

The Only Way


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New Artwork






Finally finished this piece. This is my second artwork in my current Gotye Project based on The Only Way.

The lyrics of this song had a lot of influence on the progression of the artwork. A one way journey, passing from life to death, into the unknown from the experienced were all notes that I made whilst listening to the song. (Here on Youtube if you’re unfamiliar with it)

I chose the imagery of a tunnel as a metaphor for this journey, the end is bathed in light and represents the unknown. I chose to show a solitary, non-specific figure en route to the other side of the tunnel.

Although the lyrics can seem somewhat bleak, the song itself is not a slow, moody song but still has a certain atmosphere emanating from it’s sounds. I chose a green base rather than a more common blue, cold base to reflect this. I added starker contrasts of dark shadows and bleached highlights to emphasise the sense of place within the scene depicted. The lyrics, which are repeated over continuously, have been image transferred onto the left side of the tunnel wall.

The Only Way

Ink, oil pastel, acrylic paint on paper, 42 x 29.7cm

First artwork in the series Like Drawing Blood here.

Next onto Hearts A Mess.


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