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Textures- Works in Progress

texture artwork wip 1

texture artwork wip 2

texture artwork wip 3

texture artwork wip 4


Spent a couple of hours in Photoshop extracting and putting together some diagram, texture and collage pieces ready to transfer to paper. Many of these diagrams are taken from the British Library’s public domain albums on Flickr.

These will make up the base textures to a coupe of artworks that will be submitted to exhibitions over the next couple of weeks.

I’m planning to print, cut and paste some parts and image transfer some parts using both gel medium and acetate printing techniques. Once on the paper the textures will be drawn, painted and inked over.



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Digital Sketching Experimentation


I don’t usually sketch/doodle digitally however I downloaded this pencil Photoshop brush from Andantonius and have been playing around with it a little bit. I love the texture of the brush and it really is lovely to draw with in Photoshop.

I thought it would be quite interesting to experiment with sketching things out digitally, print them onto good quality paper and then finish them with inks.

I decided to create a quick, rough outline sketch of Morrissey just because. I’m not sure if I quite like the overall composition of the image and I probably won’t continue to a finished image with it.

I do want to make an ink piece with Morrissey as the subject though so I may have to try out different poses/ compositions  until I’m happy enough with them to take it to a completed artwork.

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Playing around with Photoshop



Playing around with ideas in Photoshop instead of using my usual sketchbook. Just felt like doing something different and actually could’t be bothered to get my sketchbook from upstairs- which is awful I know. Drew things with my tablet, made brushes out of them, changed the composition, layered different things etc.

I also want to physically make this on paper with ink. I’m interested in how differently it will come out when using a more traditional medium.

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