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New Ink Artworks: Inspired by Vintageortacky on Youtube


circus cora

Two mixed media ink pieces inspired by Cora aka vintageortacky on Youtube. She’s great to draw and has such an interesting style- go check out her videos if you haven’t already.

I was inspired by some of her recently posted Halloween costume videos namely her elegant Victorian costume and fiercely charming Circus costume.

The first piece is purely pen and ink on textured paper, the second  is ink and watercolour with a digital background and frame to complete the piece.

Hopefully I’ve done the original costumes justice with these illustrations.

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New Small Artwork: Cora Tonight






Cora Tonight, acrylic ink on card, 14.5 x20.5cm

I also just made this piece for fun and trying out more ink techniques. This is inspired by Cora aka vintageortacky on Youtube.

More specifically inspired by this video– I love the combination of the t-shirt print, black jacket and heel-less shoes with the bright complementing colours of her hair.

Definitely going to practice more techniques inspired by Cora’s hair- there’s plenty of way to incorporate it into an ink piece.

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