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New Artwork: Cockpit




Detail close-ups:







Cockpit, ink and cut text on 300gsm paper, 21.5 x 22.5cm

Getting back into aviation inspired artwork.


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Inky Bookmark






I had some artwork off-cuts of cream and brown paper that had been inked which I didn’t to throw away. Of course I decided to make them into a bookmark.

The image is from The Graphics Fairy (as always). I used a little bit of ink to enhance her detailing and image transfered the quote “Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.”

On the back, over the top of the purple and white ink, I used a simple craft text stamp.

Now I kind of want to make a series of these and possibly sell them…maybe. Even if I don’t sell them, I’ll have some nice bookmarks for myself.

I need to do a little trial of setting up an online shop to sell a few things I’ve made recently.

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New Artwork: Speech





Speech, pen, acrylic ink and printed text on 200gsm card, 14.5 x 20.5cm

This is inspired by this post by Loqui:

Speaking with her mouth full

I love her the most
when her mouth is full
watching her
brimming with words

face of flame
eyes of water
my own battle
with speech

I had some ideas floating around my head for something like this but I saw this poem and it bought my ideas together.

The printed text flowing from the eyes and mouth had to be made quite small for me to be able to use it so it’s no longer readable. The text is actually the poem repeated over and shaped to fit where I wanted it on the image.

This is not technically related to my ongoing Loqui series but I was inspired when I saw it posted. I guess you could think of it as a bonus artwork. 🙂

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New Artwork Submission: Captcha






Captcha, ink, paper and transferred text on paper, 22.8x18cm

My submission to Mac Birminham’s Next Gen Fest exhibition.

Submission Text:

My piece Captcha is inspired by Captcha screens used across various websites to protect content hosted on a website’s server. I stepped and shattered the image to reflect the words in the Captcha ‘phoney security’ as these screens are often seen to allude to a type of security protecting website content. The ‘http://’ text in the background of the piece represents the duplication, repetition and replication of internet material. 
I also included a hand cursor indicating a clickable link.

It’s nice to be able have a space to make artwork to enter into exhibitions again, I have missed it.

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Thoughts of Inspiration

I received an ask on Tumblr about where inspiration can be found during an ‘art block.’ Where do you find something you can work with and your mind can relate to, to keep you creating. I thought I’d post my answer here too as it demonstrates how I’m always collecting ‘things’ to use in my artwork:


I guess I get it from all different kinds of places. I learned from university lecturers and my own experience that always collecting and having readily available ‘sources of inspiration’ to hand is a necessity.

I’m always collecting ‘things’ usually paper ephemera but can also be little objects, writing down quotes or words I’ve heard or seen throughout the day- having a notebook/sketchbook with you when you go out is so important. You never know when ‘inspiration with strike’ as they say.

I also have a folder on my computer and my phone of images that I collect- photos taken myself, images saved from the internet, images scanned in. Usually something that has caught my eye or made me think that somehow I’ll be able to use it later. I don’t always know how I’ll use it at that time but it’s something that interested me.

Another thing that is invaluable to know is that strikes of inspiration are rare. Continually making work, writing etc will breed it’s own inspiration.  Even if you make something that you don’t like- cut it up and stick it back together differently. Choose a word at random and make something to convey it there are many online communities that can assist with this.

The internet is also, of course, a great source of inspiration- follow artists works, writers prose, search randomly on google images. I’ve come to love tumblr as a continuing source of visuals that I find ways to put into my organised chaos of inspiration.

That was a bit of a long answer but hopefully at least you can see that even when I’m stuck with a block, I’m no more that a few clicks away from something to boost my artist’s brain.


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Excess speed over the threshold

Finally updating with posts on each of my final pieces, have been busy the last few days.

This first one is Excess speed over the threshold, ink, acrylic paint, emulsion, text transfer on 250gsm Fabriano paper, 2.3m x 1.5m.

This artwork has been produced in response to my research into the 2005 Air France Airbus A340 crash in Toronto, Canada. The plane overran the runway and caught fire, all passengers and crew were successfully evacuated. The summary report can be found here on the Aviation Safety Network site. The full investigation report can be found here (pdf link).

The artwork also reflects my research into the spectacle, diasaters and the media. I aimed to portray the contrast between the ‘clean’ ‘safe’ spectacle talked about by Debord in Society of the Spectacle and the non- clean, actuality of the crash itself. This is why the image appears to be in two halves- the report text provides a context to the crash itself, the use of ink aims to reference the fire that spread after the crash. The text itself is not perfect (through use of transfer technique), it is hidden in some parts and highlighted in others in reference to the fragmentation (and also the pre-mediation) of information released to the public when man made disasters happen. The image fragmentation is also a reference to this but also reflects the physical state of the plane itself after the crash.

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A couple of better images of the final works in place, these are all in the same studio/gallery space on opposite walls. The works have been titled and framed documents added to the side of the works.

The documents are a crash summary report facts and a passenger safety card of the plane operator and model. When these are shown in a gallery setting in october I am hoping to display them a little better and be able to add more ephemera relating to the plane itself.

Not shown (will add a photo later) is my accompanying work and research for this semesters work submitted for assessment. I will also make a further blog post on specific artists and how I have been inspired by their work.

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Artworks up for Assessment

These works are finally up and ready for assessment, I do still need to paint the surrounding wall white and clean it up a bit. This post is a quick overview, my next couple of posts will go into more detail of each artwork and will have better photographs.

The works in the first image are made in response to my research into the 1999 Britannia Airways B757 crash in Gerona, Spain (information here). I feel that these two are most successful out if the four images I have displayed for my assessment.

The works in the second image are made in response to the 2005 Air France A340 crash in Toronto, Canada (information here). After putting these two up on the wall and looking at them now I think that the images would work far batter on the wall if there were to be switched around- the nose of the plane on the right instead of the left, because of the configuration of the plane itself.

Both crashes involved the plane overrunning the runway at their destination airports. I chose to research two crashes that had similar circumstances for my final pieces to demonstrate different outcomes and media representation of similar situations.


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Previous Artwork

This is another artwork that I had forgotten to write about on here. This is just a small piece where I was still experimenting with how to incorporate the report text, plane form and reference to the actual plane crash in one composition.

I like the aesthetic of this piece but I don’t think it is successful in communicating anything to the audience, a large part of this is also to do with its small scale.

This work focuses on the nose of the plane and combines the linework from a Boeing 757 CAD drawing and the livery of the Britannia’s 757. I like the ink method technique used in this work however I think the work would be better with text that could be read easily by the viewer.

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Artwork Update

Update of this artwork. It’s finally finished and I like how it has turned out but in the process of making it I have found ways to develop the next work that I make.

This is the largest work I have made so far this semester, it is (approx) 3.8 x 1.5 metres.  This work is pretty much my testing out the scaling up of this crash image and text that I have done before. I feel that the text and the ink techniques fit this scale however after completing the work, the plane fuselage feel very small. It would have been a far more successful work if I had focused on a small fragmented section or minor detail in the crash debris.

I ripped the two ends of the paper and left the top and bottom cut cleanly. I decided to do this as I felt it worked on my last piece of work on the interior of the plane but here I wanted keep the balance of the clean edge and the broken plane so I ripped two sides and left the other two cut.

I also like the work on this scale and would like to do something similar to this again, however time restraints and cost of materials means that this is the only piece of this size I can complete this semester. By reducing the size a couple of meteres I can still make large work but I can make more of them and they will be far more manageable.

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