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Inktober/Drawlloween 2015 #10 #11 #12

inktober 10 alien inktober 11 raven inktober 12 moon


Inktober and Drawlloween day 10, 11, 12- Alien, Raven, Moon

Having to post these together as I didn’t find the time over the weekend to get to my laptop to upload these.

These drawings are all tiny ones in my A6 sketchbook, definitely done for quickness but I still quite like how they turned out. The Raven and Moon piece evolved from very messy doodles.

The Moon piece also started out as a doodle that was supposed to be a wolf silhouette in font of a moon but the ‘wolf’ form that I sketched out reminded me of Haku (in his dragon form) from Spirited Away so I went with that.

All three drawings are inked with Uni Pin black fineliners, Daler Rowney acrylic ink and a couple of small, detail brushes.

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