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More Sketchbook Pages- The Coffee Collective, Stourbridge

the coffee collective stourbridge sketches

Sketchbook page- 28/06/16

Ink pen and watercolour.

Spent a couple of hours in Stourbridge last week, sketched a few things while enjoying a cup of tea in The Coffee Collective cafe. A lot of interesting things to sketch in there- yes they have small toy dinosaurs and origami cranes dotted about the place.

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Another Sketchbook Page

sketchbook page artwork

Another A6 sketchbook page- 23rd was stuck in traffic on motorway travels, 26th just doodling.

I think you can tell I love the blue Tombow brush pen I bought a couple of weeks ago.

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Sketchbook pages

sketchbook pages scan

sketchbook pages photo

Couple of recently done pages in my small sketchbook. On the left trying out some colourful Tombow brush pens and on the right some tool sketches planning for Illustration Friday a couple of weeks ago.

The top image is the scan of the pages and you can see the orange looks a little more red – not sure which colour I like better.

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BB-8 Sketchbook Sketches

BB-8 Sketches

Planning and sketches in my sketchbook for a little BB-8 piece that I’ve wanted to do since I saw The Force Awakens last month.

Yes I have terrible handwriting when I write ideas down quickly.

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Recent Sketchbook Sketches

sketch 1

sketch 2

sketch 3

A couple of sketches from my small A6 sketchbook from the past 2 weeks. I’m trying to make myself draw more while I’m out of my workspace/studio.

I should probably focus more on quick gesture drawings of people walking past for some variety but I’m always drawn towards unusual architectural spaces and objects

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Moleskine sketches and planning



Sketches and mixed media planning for an art piece in my Moleskine. This piece is inspired by a doll/lamp in grav3yardgirl‘s latest antique hall video.

I mainly wanted to experiment with texture, collage and media that would reflect the condition and eerie charm of the doll and see what would work in the final piece.

I’m very much looking forward to starting this artwork.


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Just a small sketching and prep session for my work this semester.

Still focusing on the fragmented text and image of the disaster spectacle. I’m aiming to also look more at the technical information of the planes themselves and somehow look at incorporating the plane form or information about the plane before the crash so the viewer has a constant and a contrast to consider while looking at the artwork.

I am excited but nervous to start the final semester of my MA.

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