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A couple of better images of the final works in place, these are all in the same studio/gallery space on opposite walls. The works have been titled and framed documents added to the side of the works.

The documents are a crash summary report facts and a passenger safety card of the plane operator and model. When these are shown in a gallery setting in october I am hoping to display them a little better and be able to add more ephemera relating to the plane itself.

Not shown (will add a photo later) is my accompanying work and research for this semesters work submitted for assessment. I will also make a further blog post on specific artists and how I have been inspired by their work.

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Finished Artwork

I’m behind with posts but here is the finished artwork from the last post. Been very busy with actually doing written work along with the practical work for the end of the semester so I’m only just updating the blog now.

The text on the nose of the plane is text from the crash report. This text is cut to fit the shape of the nose and I added it to the painting upside down to fit the orientation of the plane.

I also added a discarded engine in the background of the scene, the engine in the crash was ripped off and beaten pretty badly by the impact, shearing off some metal from the engine casing . There is also added text to the engine form outlined with black ink.

Image size: Approx 841 x 594 mm, ink, acrylic paint on paper

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