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Artwork in Progress: Physalis





I also started a piece in another project/series. These are a few layers of ink and gouache on linen for my next artwork based on a poem from Loqui by Greg Webster.

I am using Physalis for inspiration.

As you can see I need to add a lot of ink linework for it not to look like an inky mess.

I’ll add more details about the piece when it’s finished.


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Artwork In Progress: Coming Back







I started the next piece my Gotye Project,  here you can see it in various stages and layers. Hopefully I should finish this by the end of the week, a few more layers of ink and paint will bring the whole thing together. You can still see some of the rough sketch/planning lines underneath the ink.

I wish I had started this on thicker paper due to amount of ink I’ve added, however I like how it’s turning out so I’m not going to start over again now.


Other pieces in the project:

Like Drawing Blood

The Only Way

Hearts A Mess



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