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Previous Artwork

This is another artwork that I had forgotten to write about on here. This is just a small piece where I was still experimenting with how to incorporate the report text, plane form and reference to the actual plane crash in one composition.

I like the aesthetic of this piece but I don’t think it is successful in communicating anything to the audience, a large part of this is also to do with its small scale.

This work focuses on the nose of the plane and combines the linework from a Boeing 757 CAD drawing and the livery of the Britannia’s 757. I like the ink method technique used in this work however I think the work would be better with text that could be read easily by the viewer.

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Artwork Update

Update of this artwork. It’s finally finished and I like how it has turned out but in the process of making it I have found ways to develop the next work that I make.

This is the largest work I have made so far this semester, it is (approx) 3.8 x 1.5 metres.  This work is pretty much my testing out the scaling up of this crash image and text that I have done before. I feel that the text and the ink techniques fit this scale however after completing the work, the plane fuselage feel very small. It would have been a far more successful work if I had focused on a small fragmented section or minor detail in the crash debris.

I ripped the two ends of the paper and left the top and bottom cut cleanly. I decided to do this as I felt it worked on my last piece of work on the interior of the plane but here I wanted keep the balance of the clean edge and the broken plane so I ripped two sides and left the other two cut.

I also like the work on this scale and would like to do something similar to this again, however time restraints and cost of materials means that this is the only piece of this size I can complete this semester. By reducing the size a couple of meteres I can still make large work but I can make more of them and they will be far more manageable.

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This artwork is similar to a smaller experimental piece that I did a few months ago (this post), here I wanted to try a similar method and aesthetic on a larger scale. I have also specifically made this is response to the 1999 Britannia crash in Gerona. The piece is based on Boeing’s CAD drawings of the 757 with 90s Britannia livery applied.

The left half of the image represents the clean, active plane and the right half represents the crashed plane. I’ve tried to incorporate the different elements of the crash, unattached engine, missing nose gear, cracked nose cone etc. In the work I’ve also included report text and measurements of the plane taken from the CAD drawings.

Obviously this is not a ‘neat’ piece of work as I was trying out adding livery and the representing the crash on the same ‘diagram’. The lines and the text are not as good as good as I would like them if this was a final finished piece. I am also no sure whether the ‘diagram’ works as a whole, I think it may be too ‘busy’ to get across any issues of the spectacle with details conflicting with each other and another angle of plane may be more recognisable and identifiable.

I still like the half and half image technique but will choose only a few details to focus on and contrast, hopefully this will allow me to portray the fragmentation and spectacle to a higher degree.

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New Artwork

Another work focusing on the interior of the plane. In this work I put down a base of acrylic paint and ink before any detailing, the ink and acrylic being a little bit more abstract in composition but using colours reflecting the crash interior.

The seats themselves are referenced from both crash report photos of the actual crash and usual seats hat were found in Britannia’s 757s. On the left side of the work the seats included text from the crash report, however because of the ink and transferring it over the acrylic texture the text does not stand out as much as I would like.

I limited the lines of the smaller details to add to the overall fragmentation of the image which is complemented by the ink techniques on the paper so overall I like the piece aesthetically. I’m definitely going to experiment with something of this aesthetic style on a larger scale and with different subjects, making sure the text in the image is far more visible and integrated more successfully.

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Artwork Update

A few more updated images of the large plane painting which is not completely finished yet. I have used this image and technique in a smaller work, here I am experimenting with scale.

The image itself I feel does has a larger impact on the viewer and sense of space, of course I do think that how the work is eventually displayed will also affect this. I will have to take this into account if it’s one of the works I choose for the end of year MA exhibition.

I slightly changed the technique I used for the text image transfer. I pulled away the entire paper sheet from the emulsion for the majority of the text and also used the usual technique of wetting and rubbing away the backing of the paper sheet in some places to give different texture.

The left half of the image is distressed with ink and water added to somewhat reference the heavy rain and wet conditions of the runway on landing. On this scale the ‘hard’ edge of the ink and text I feel is more visible however I think the lines of the image being this big do not look as ‘fragmented’ as I’d like. When making images on a larger scale like this I think I should limit the lines used in outlines and the text to emphasises fragmentation.

I’ve also included some close up images of the texture of the paper and the ink. All images are taken with my phone so not impressive quality but when everything is finished I’m planning on taking better images with my DSLR.

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Sketching and Planning



A quick sketch/study of some displaced seating in the 1999 Britannia crash. I’m planning to do some artwork based around the interior of the plane after talking to a Uni tutor. We were discussing ways to possibly making it relatable to the general viewer, as not everyone views planes as I do because of my love of the exteriors. Over the next few day I will be doing some prep work for bigger pieces incorporating text and other collage, this will help with finalising a composition.

I’m looking at using the interior apparatus of the plane to relate to the general passenger, I have also started to watch certain ephemera associated with the Britannia 757 on eBay. I’m possibly thinking about displaying diagrams and safety cards along with my artwork on the crash ( and other crashes i decide I want to look into for this semester.)

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New Large Artwork

This morning I started my first large artwork this semester. Obviously based on the 1999 Britannia crash in Girona, Spain as that’s the crash I’ve been working on the last month.

This is the first stage that makes it onto the 200gsm Fabriano paper. The text is a mixture of crash report text and headlines at the time of the crash, the two types of texts use different fonts.

The image of the plane itself is a quick drawing of mine scanned in, enlarged and digitally added onto the text. It is then printed out onto 30 sheets of A4 for image transfer onto the paper via an emulsion transfer technique. This techniques allows me to print the text on a large scale (without the cost of a professional printer) and gives the paper a rougher texture.  This stage shown in the photograph is the transfer being applied the Fabriano paper, when this is dry I then wet it and remove the first layer leaving the inkjet ink on the Fabriano

I then plan to draw and paint back into the image and use various ink techniques pertaining to the context of the crash.

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Just a short post showing more experimentation with composition of text, image and ink. Both the text and image were left over from a previous studio session hence why an MD81 is mentioned but the plane is a Boeing 747.

Hoping to use similar techniques on some larger artworks in the next few weeks.

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New Artwork

This work accompanies the artwork in my previous post- Bouncing to a halt in the lake. This a smaller work from my study of the same crash, I used the smaller scale to experiment with text transferring methods used in the larger work but it is also a work in its own right. The work is at this time untitled but I will choose a phrase from the text report for titling.

The images show the stages of the artwork, unfortunately the first image is blurred and but is the only image I have of the ink on its own. The test that is transferred is summary report text that I  digitally applied to the defined outline of the plane.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

The plane has the same form as the previously posted work but from viewed from a different (rear) viewpoint.

I used ink and water to create an abstract colour background for the plane to exist in, the colours used are drawn from the crash scene itself. I have included some close up images of the background to try and demonstrate the texture created with the ink and water.

After the image transfer of the text I painted over with white acrylic to build back up the plane form and originally intended to leave it like this to complete the work. After leaving the work and then coming back to it however, I decided to outline the form with black acrylic ink. In my research I have been looking at the idea of the spectacle and how that is reinforced in both the mass media and artwork. One of the elements of the spectacle is the changed or the forced context and the removal of the event/ scene from the viewer, I felt that the addition of the black outline both slightly removed the plane from it’s background ‘scene’ and the real instance of the crash itself.

(Due to this I used the outline in the next few artworks I made, however including an outline in two larger artworks I decided that it works better on the smaller works.)

The work is ink, acrylic paint and printed text on paper, it is approximately 59.4 x 42.0 cm.

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New Artwork: Bouncing to a Halt in the Lake

Another update of a piece done for Semester B at University, my first large piece done with text image transfer.

The first image shows the undercoat of ink and then other stages after this. The last two images show the completed image and then a photograph to demonstrate the size of the work. I will also make a post of the other work in the last image later on.

This work is a result of my research into the crash of  cargo flight 310 in Tanzania. The plane was a Boeing 707-351C and was operating under Trans Arabian Air Transport on its way to Mwanza to pick up its cargo set for Europe.  The aircraft came down to rest in the middle of a lake.

The report summary and some more crash information is available here.

I identified the form and outline of the plane and applied the report narrative text to it’s shape, using an image transfer method to get the text onto the primed paper.

I then added layers of ink and acrylic paint to finish the image.

The final title I settled on in this image is Bouncing to a Halt in the Lake. For this series of artworks, I chose suitable sentences or phrases from the report text itself to title the images. The aim of the titles are to add extra context to the crash for the viewer.

More artwork posts to come…

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