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31 Days of Collage #11

31daysofcollage 11

|Collage 11 of 31|

Don’t Leave- digital collage using vintage magazine scans photos, vintage maps, travel poster and patterned paper scans.

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Quick Sketch

Small watercolour sketch

Tiny, quick pen and watercolour sketch in a tiny notebook.

10.4 x 7.4cm

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First Set of Postcards

journey_postcard railtravel_artpostcard shipbreaking_postcard

Three completed art postcards.

All are mixed media and are standard 4×6 postcards with space for writing, address and stamp on the reverse.

The actual postcards obviously don’t have a watermark on them but will be signed by me.

I really would like to use these for an art swap with fellow artists- if you’re interested please email me at info@rachelmassey.co.uk

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Small Ink Piece


Small warm-up plane ink piece.

Acrylic ink on paper.

Original photograph source here.

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New Artwork: First Class


first class final


First Class, acrylic ink, pigment ink pen, acrylic paint on canvas board, 21 x 21 cm

Piece for the first song on the album Crash Site. The pieces in this series were commissioned for a music album by C.J Kane.

The second image shows the image with text as it will be shown.

The main idea behind this piece is looking out from an aircraft window- showing the engine, wing and the scene below.

The background ink represents a mix of sky, cloud and mountainous area, I wanted vague representation mixed with a surreal sense of atmosphere. This is mainly to reflect the notion of experiencing a ‘first class’ service on a plane soaring to an exciting destination.


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New Artwork: Resting Place

Resting_Place copy

Close-up details:





Resting Place, acrylic ink, ink pen, cut text on card, 27.2 x 9.5cm

Plane graveyards are sparking my interest more than usual recently. I’m hoping this will be the start of a decommissioned plane series, this is somewhat of a test piece that turned out better than I was expecting.

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New Artwork: Cockpit




Detail close-ups:







Cockpit, ink and cut text on 300gsm paper, 21.5 x 22.5cm

Getting back into aviation inspired artwork.


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New Artwork: Mriya


Mriya, Ink on 250gsm paper, 12.5cm x 9cm

I’ve found myself watching lots of Youtube videos showing the Antonov An-225 recently. I originally found out about this plane whilst studying for my Masters last year; I was researching a lot of Russian plane disasters at one point and watching a lot of recorded footage on Youtube and other video sites. There always seemed to be links somewhere to videos of of the An-225 landing, taking off and being loaded at various airports.

I always watched with fascination and researched into the aircraft a little bit but never really bought it into my artwork as its history never really matched my work at the time. I’ve revisited it lately and thought that it would an interesting continuation of my plane related artwork to start with some deconstructions of this beautiful, Ukrainian beast.

I’ve been pushed for time recently (hence the very little posting) but I managed to produce this small, kind of rough, ink piece in relation to the An-225. Hopefully this is the first of many works in a series of artworks in relation to cargo aircraft. I love commercial passenger planes but cargo transportation also has my interest in terms of aesthetics and engineering. I’m always intrigued how passenger aircraft are modified to transport all sorts of cargo across the world.


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Engine Deconstruction







Engine Deconstruction

Ink, acrylic paint on paper, 32x25cm

This is the start of another series focusing on specific iconic parts of commercial aircraft.

This first artwork is obviously based around the jet engine- with varying types of jet engine to follow in subsequent pieces.

I aim to select, splice, overlay, crop and edit together these parts to create a deconstructed series that I don’t actually have a name for yet.

As you can see I prefer working in series so I can research (both literary and visual) topics and construct a theme between the pieces.


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Small Artwork


Small artwork inspired by the 1999 Britannia crash in Gerona, Spain.

Britannia flight 226A overran the runway on landing in bad conditions.

Crash description at Aviation Safety Network.

Layers of report text, diagram, ink, drawing, paint

Diagram Nose Gear #1, ink and acrylic paint on 200gsm paper, 30 x 21 cm

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