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Small Artwork: Stepped Tea


Stepped Tea, acrylic ink and pigment ink pen on paper, 9 x 15cm

The is my first little bit of experimentation with cutting and reassembling drawings.

This image was originally drawn and inked on 200gsm paper and cut into strips. I then reassembled the image with the strips staggered to disjoint the image. I then added white ink splatters over the top of the image recreate continuity of the image.

I will be making a few more of these type of images, however I think I will create smaller strips to reassemble to emphasise the intended effect.

For reference I used this stock from liam-stock on DA

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New Ink Artworks: Inspired by Vintageortacky on Youtube


circus cora

Two mixed media ink pieces inspired by Cora aka vintageortacky on Youtube. She’s great to draw and has such an interesting style- go check out her videos if you haven’t already.

I was inspired by some of her recently posted Halloween costume videos namely her elegant Victorian costume and fiercely charming Circus costume.

The first piece is purely pen and ink on textured paper, the second  is ink and watercolour with a digital background and frame to complete the piece.

Hopefully I’ve done the original costumes justice with these illustrations.

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New Artwork: Gestures






Close up detail:









Gestures, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, ink pen on fabric, 14.8 x 10.5cm

Vintage bee image reference- The Graphics Fairy

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Gas Holders


Now I’m finished with my Masters (apart from my graduation in March next year) I’ve been going through my artwork and sorting what needs to go into storage. The next few posts might be a little random in theme as I’ll just be photographing and posting stuff that hasn’t been archived yet.

These are the forst two. They were both produced in my third year of my BA, these were made as some early responses to my research into the industrial sublime and the landscape around my home county (West Midlands) in the UK. These are gas holders in West Brommich.

Both untitled, pen and coloured ink on newsprint paper, 59.4 x 42 cm approx

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Sketching and Planning



A quick sketch/study of some displaced seating in the 1999 Britannia crash. I’m planning to do some artwork based around the interior of the plane after talking to a Uni tutor. We were discussing ways to possibly making it relatable to the general viewer, as not everyone views planes as I do because of my love of the exteriors. Over the next few day I will be doing some prep work for bigger pieces incorporating text and other collage, this will help with finalising a composition.

I’m looking at using the interior apparatus of the plane to relate to the general passenger, I have also started to watch certain ephemera associated with the Britannia 757 on eBay. I’m possibly thinking about displaying diagrams and safety cards along with my artwork on the crash ( and other crashes i decide I want to look into for this semester.)

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