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Moleskine sketches and planning



Sketches and mixed media planning for an art piece in my Moleskine. This piece is inspired by a doll/lamp in grav3yardgirl‘s latest antique hall video.

I mainly wanted to experiment with texture, collage and media that would reflect the condition and eerie charm of the doll and see what would work in the final piece.

I’m very much looking forward to starting this artwork.


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New Artwork Series









*This has been posted on Tumblr for a while now but I decided to also share it on here too.*


First artwork from my Gotye project outline in this post.

Christmas was probably the wrong time to start this hah, but I finally managed to find some time to make some work.

This is inspired by the song Like Drawing Blood from the same named album by Gotye. I mainly took cues from the phrase ‘like drawing blood from a stone’ since I needed more context to go along with the title of the song and the sounds contained within it.

Like Drawing Blood, ink, dry pastel on paper, 32 x 25 cm

Next on to The Only Way.


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