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A couple of better images of the final works in place, these are all in the same studio/gallery space on opposite walls. The works have been titled and framed documents added to the side of the works.

The documents are a crash summary report facts and a passenger safety card of the plane operator and model. When these are shown in a gallery setting in october I am hoping to display them a little better and be able to add more ephemera relating to the plane itself.

Not shown (will add a photo later) is my accompanying work and research for this semesters work submitted for assessment. I will also make a further blog post on specific artists and how I have been inspired by their work.

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New Large Artwork

This morning I started my first large artwork this semester. Obviously based on the 1999 Britannia crash in Girona, Spain as that’s the crash I’ve been working on the last month.

This is the first stage that makes it onto the 200gsm Fabriano paper. The text is a mixture of crash report text and headlines at the time of the crash, the two types of texts use different fonts.

The image of the plane itself is a quick drawing of mine scanned in, enlarged and digitally added onto the text. It is then printed out onto 30 sheets of A4 for image transfer onto the paper via an emulsion transfer technique. This techniques allows me to print the text on a large scale (without the cost of a professional printer) and gives the paper a rougher texture.  This stage shown in the photograph is the transfer being applied the Fabriano paper, when this is dry I then wet it and remove the first layer leaving the inkjet ink on the Fabriano

I then plan to draw and paint back into the image and use various ink techniques pertaining to the context of the crash.

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A continuation of experimentation work looking at the 1999 Britannia crash. These works use the same fuselage form as I was testing out various ink techniques.

The first image is a far cleaner, thinner outline of ink and the printed text is far darker. I prefer the second image as the whole work seems more vibrant.

The second work also emphasises the balance of the clean and the ‘messy’ of the disaster spectacle and I also like the use of the text on only one half of the artwork. I also used a mixture of report text and news headlines from the time of the crash, the headlines are shown in a different font to differentiate the two. Unlike work in the previous semester there is no painted scenery/landscape and the different elements of the image are only against the colour of the paper itself.

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Just a small sketching and prep session for my work this semester.

Still focusing on the fragmented text and image of the disaster spectacle. I’m aiming to also look more at the technical information of the planes themselves and somehow look at incorporating the plane form or information about the plane before the crash so the viewer has a constant and a contrast to consider while looking at the artwork.

I am excited but nervous to start the final semester of my MA.

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