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New Artwork: All I Hear

all I hear final

All I Hear, acrylic ink, pigment ink pen, acrylic paint on canvas board,  25 x 25 cm

Some elements of this image were further arranged in Photoshop.

Piece for the third song on the album Crash Site. The pieces in this series were commissioned for a music album by C.J Kane.

The second image shows the image with text as it will be shown.

The main visual ideas suggested (by C.J) for this piece were ‘empty night street with dim lit street lights – white/black/grey (blue/green in the lights).’

After some experimentation, initial sketches and colour tests I decided to (like I had done with my second piece La Da Da) imply the darkness of the image without overloading the image with blacks and dark colours. I wanted this piece to have an atmosphere of a small empty town at night, wet with rain that is also reflecting the green and blue lights. I stuck with simple silhouettes, leaving the texture to be picked up with the white and coloured ink splatter.

I also decided to add a vague , almost dispersing figure silhouette to the right of the image. The idea was to convey a solitary figure walking through lonely streets at night, with many conflicting thoughts and ideas overwhelming their mind.

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