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Finished artwork- Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Ink


Finished the little watercolour and ink Tomb Raider piece.

I was asked to create a custom Tomb Raider birthday card and this is part of its design.
Lara’s design is based off earlier game models.

This was quite fun to do since I’ve been a huge Tomb Raider fan for years, I may actually make a large Lara Croft ink and paint piece separate to this.

For the image on the card I used the artwork at just the watercolour stage- later I decided to finish the piece separately with the addition of acrylic ink.



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New Artwork- Work in Progress



Work In Progress

I was asked to make a custom Tomb Raider birthday card. This is a rough sketch of the watercolour I’m going include in its design.

Both the recipient of the card and I prefer the earlier game models of Lara so this is based off those.

This will be an artwork in itself and scaled down to fit onto the 5 x 7” card.

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