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Project U-neek Event: Green Space Salons

Green Space Salons 01/08/2013

I was also invited to the last event of Phase 1 of Project U-neek, not displaying artwork this time however. This last event in Phase 1 featured the artwork of Alexandria Robinson-Sutherland herself, a nice idea to be able to show the artwork of the project’s creator at the last event and finalise this phase. The venue for this event was Green Space Salons, which is an unusual but interesting venue for an art event. Alex’s work primarily focuses on the natural and organic with an emphasis on the floral form, in this instance the artwork beautifully compliments the organic and ‘green’ nature of the salon.


The wall space inside the salon was used extremely well, the artwork was spread out between a couple of rooms and could easily be seen when passing through the space. You can see how the artwork fits in perfectly with the overall feel of the venue and I’m sure many patrons of the salon, who wouldn’t usually be familiar with the artist’s work, will be interested in the colourful, floral canvases.



The performing artist at this event was Tandy (or Tandi- not sure of the spelling sorry, would love to give a link) who performed a couple of cover songs and a beautiful original song, a very engaging singer. Again, the music was perfect for bringing the whole event together and was suitable for the venue and the artwork.




As this time Alex was the interviewee, the interviewer was Daniel Blyden who I thought asked just the right questions about artwork, methods, practices and Project U-neek. It was interesting to hear all the hard work gone into the project and also Alex’s thoughts on her own work. I found it quite intriguing that she said although she receives a lot of comments liking her work to Georgia O’Keeffe she cites Picasso as being her main creative inspiration. Personally I see a resemblance of floral and organic forms to O’Keeffe however the issues addressed do differ- I can definitely see Picasso’s difference of perspective and importance of the line reflected in Alex’s work.




This event also featured a great spread of refreshments, selected free treatments in the rooms of the salon and also a great variety of raffle prizes. I actually won a prize myself- afternoon tea for two in the Artwork Cafe where the previous event was held. Ah, lucky number 16.


In between the scheduled points of the evening there was plenty of time to meet other people and network. These events are particularly good for networking as they are formal openings but uphold a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect for emerging creatives with social anxiety like me. The atmosphere and the people behind Project U-Neek make an extremely comfortable platform for artists and those interested in the art world to come together and celebrate.


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