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Some small artworks produced from my experiments at the start of the semester. As in my theory side of my MA I am looking at the ‘disaster spectacle’ I am aiming to balance the clean, safe representation of the spectacle in the mass media (described by Debord in Society of the Spectacle) as well as both the destruction and the factual information of the crash.

They are all based off the same crash, I find working with one crash at a time allows me to see effectiveness of composition, media, smale etc far easier as it’s a constant for me to work with.

These works are ink, acrylic ink, gouache and printed text on paper, none of the works are over 42 x 30 cm.

I am planning on making some of these far larger to see how scale effects the reading of the work and how it will fit the subject. To me, the smaller works seem to have a more personal tie and making them larger will hopefully both demonstrate the issues of the spectacle and the scale of the air disasters themselves.

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