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31 Days of Collage #4

31daysofcollage 4

|Collage 4 of 31|

Gone Too Far – collage using vintage magazine scans, stamps and acrylic ink on card.

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31 Days of Collage #3

31daysofcollage #3

|Collage 3 of 31|

Turn It Up – digital collage using vintage magazine scans, recipe book, paper scans and travel poster.

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31 Days of Collage #2

31daysofcollage #2

|Collage 2 of 31|

Tuesday Giraffes – digital collage with vintage magazine scans, pattern and travel poster.


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31 Days of Collage #1

31daysofcollage #1

|Collage 1 of 31|

For August I wanted to give myself a little challenge/task to complete. Recently I’ve been following and been inspired by a lot of collage artists so I figured I’d do 31 Days of Collage.

Every day I’ll make and post a new collage (digital or physical collage depending on time constraints within that day)

I’m also thinking that at the end of the month it would be nice to offer them as prints if people are interested.

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Textures- Works in Progress

texture artwork wip 1

texture artwork wip 2

texture artwork wip 3

texture artwork wip 4


Spent a couple of hours in Photoshop extracting and putting together some diagram, texture and collage pieces ready to transfer to paper. Many of these diagrams are taken from the British Library’s public domain albums on Flickr.

These will make up the base textures to a coupe of artworks that will be submitted to exhibitions over the next couple of weeks.

I’m planning to print, cut and paste some parts and image transfer some parts using both gel medium and acetate printing techniques. Once on the paper the textures will be drawn, painted and inked over.



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Small Collages

collage art rocky shore
collage art kadabra atlas
Rocky Shore [top image] Kadabra Atlas [bottom image]

Both are mixed media collages, 5.3 x 8.7cm

Some elements in these collages are from some postcards I bought from a vintage fair, some from vintage sites online.

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A Distinctive Sound

A Distinctive Sound_watermark


A Distinctive Sound, mixed media collage on postcard, 15x10cm

The next piece in my Gotye Project.

The song A Distinctive Sound is on the Australian release of the album Like Drawing Blood. On the International release (the copy I have, being in the UK and all) this is replaced by a new version of the song The Only Thing I Know, originally on the Boardface album. I will be making pieces for both songs in this project.

This track is very much an audial collage of sounds, music and vocals. I wanted to reflect the layers and texture with this piece. The cut text emphasises various ‘lyrics’ throughout the song.


See other artworks in this series here.

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Frozen Wall Plaque





Mixed media Frozen wall plaque.

This is a one off piece, watercolour and ink on paper and wood- includes 3D elements.

25 x 18 cm.


Art enquiries- email.

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Inktober #10 #11


Inktober #10


Inktober #11

I was busy with various things yesterday so I didn’t have time to upload yesterday’s Inktober piece. I decided to upload both yesterday’s and today’s ink pieces together.

|Inktober #10|

A small ink piece on an off cut of cardboard- it’s starting to feel like Autumn here in the UK finally- I wanted to reflect this.

|Inktober #11|

I created this drawing on a collaged page in my Moleskine- the page is covered with train ticket scans and gesso as a base for the top ink.

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New Artwork Box frame- Sit and Stir


Sit and Stir, paper, ceramic, paint, ink, collage in box frame, 11.5 x 11.5cm

Another box frame completed with a shard of my broken mug.

I have two pieces left of the mug but they’re much larger than this, may have to get a couple of larger frames as i really do love making these.

I’m also thinking about selling them, will have to be in the UK however as I’d be worried about them surviving shipping overseas.

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