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Illustration Friday- Shelter

illustration friday shelter


Illustration Friday-Shelter

My submission for this week’s Illustration Friday, Shelter. A sketchy, inky drawing on a Moleskine page.

The base layer on the page is tissue paper that was wrapped around my soap from Lush. The drawing itself is pigment ink pen, watercolour and acrylic ink.

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New Artwork: I dreamed the moon as a timeless clock



Close up detail:





I dreamed of the moon as a timeless clock, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, ink pen, ink stamp, collage on card, 12 x 21cm

My penultimate piece in my Loqui series. I think this one really reflects many of the techniques I have been trying out recently.

I wanted to have a lot of imagery in this piece but also for it to not look overcrowded. I did plan the composition of this one quite precisely.

The poem:

I dreamed of the moon as a timeless clock

As if it slipped off its face

into the ocean

of the night.

Not an utter tick,

just the soft silver-blue

of the waves in its light.

Faceless but infamous,

as anonymous

as the stars we laid under and named by numbers.


A distant whisper of hands

as mute as swan.

Nerves bound

in the muffling pillows

fed to the warm sheets

of the waterless sand.

I saw a gull glide, dreamless.

A slide along the air.

No qualms,

no ties

just the slow


of horizon

under its wing.


The author on Tumblr

Purchase Loqui here

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Playing around with Photoshop



Playing around with ideas in Photoshop instead of using my usual sketchbook. Just felt like doing something different and actually could’t be bothered to get my sketchbook from upstairs- which is awful I know. Drew things with my tablet, made brushes out of them, changed the composition, layered different things etc.

I also want to physically make this on paper with ink. I’m interested in how differently it will come out when using a more traditional medium.

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