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New Artwork- Like Fire

artwork like fire

Like Fire– many layers of acrylic ink, watercolour, ink pen on paper.

This piece is inspired by the poem Like Fire by thephilosophersotherstone on Tumblr:

like fire

autumn paints the leaves
in memories of blazing sun

darkening trees shrouded
in red, gold, and rust

tiny solar flares dance
among branches and limbs

as the cycles of life
calm down all around us

through darkening days
and chilling nights

lights play in our hearts
calling echoes of summer

Link to the poem.

I definitely recommend checking out his other wonderful writing.

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Inktober #10 #11


Inktober #10


Inktober #11

I was busy with various things yesterday so I didn’t have time to upload yesterday’s Inktober piece. I decided to upload both yesterday’s and today’s ink pieces together.

|Inktober #10|

A small ink piece on an off cut of cardboard- it’s starting to feel like Autumn here in the UK finally- I wanted to reflect this.

|Inktober #11|

I created this drawing on a collaged page in my Moleskine- the page is covered with train ticket scans and gesso as a base for the top ink.

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