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New Artwork: Speech





Speech, pen, acrylic ink and printed text on 200gsm card, 14.5 x 20.5cm

This is inspired by this post by Loqui:

Speaking with her mouth full

I love her the most
when her mouth is full
watching her
brimming with words

face of flame
eyes of water
my own battle
with speech

I had some ideas floating around my head for something like this but I saw this poem and it bought my ideas together.

The printed text flowing from the eyes and mouth had to be made quite small for me to be able to use it so it’s no longer readable. The text is actually the poem repeated over and shaped to fit where I wanted it on the image.

This is not technically related to my ongoing Loqui series but I was inspired when I saw it posted. I guess you could think of it as a bonus artwork. 🙂

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New Artwork Submission: Captcha






Captcha, ink, paper and transferred text on paper, 22.8x18cm

My submission to Mac Birminham’s Next Gen Fest exhibition.

Submission Text:

My piece Captcha is inspired by Captcha screens used across various websites to protect content hosted on a website’s server. I stepped and shattered the image to reflect the words in the Captcha ‘phoney security’ as these screens are often seen to allude to a type of security protecting website content. The ‘http://’ text in the background of the piece represents the duplication, repetition and replication of internet material. 
I also included a hand cursor indicating a clickable link.

It’s nice to be able have a space to make artwork to enter into exhibitions again, I have missed it.

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Artwork: Physalis






Physalis, ink, gouache and acrylic paint on linen, 9cm x 14.5cm.

Another artwork based on one of the poems in Loqui by Greg Webster that I bought a few months ago.


I’m waiting for the leaves to let go

to step away from the window

watch the chrysalis cage satter

stained glass foe the wind sighs

and like physalis reveal

the summer

always inside.

This is one of my favourites in the book.

The author on Tumblr

Purchase Loqui here

I’d definitely recommend a purchase.


Other artwork in this series so far:


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Artwork in Progress: Physalis





I also started a piece in another project/series. These are a few layers of ink and gouache on linen for my next artwork based on a poem from Loqui by Greg Webster.

I am using Physalis for inspiration.

As you can see I need to add a lot of ink linework for it not to look like an inky mess.

I’ll add more details about the piece when it’s finished.


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Calendar of Tales






Actually managed to upload my entry for BlackBerry and Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Talesmainly because I had it in my head that the submission date was 15th May for some reason.

So I wanted to make something simple that I could create, scan and submit in the same day. I chose the  December Tale to illustrate and I actually had the idea in my head for about a couple of months but never found the time to plan it out and do some test images like i would usually. I am glad that I found this stock from SenshiStock as reference, (I have a feeling that I will be using a lot of their stock as reference for the odd occasion I use figures in my work.)

I’m glad I managed to keep my usual inky aesthetic, only this time I had apply some heat to dry the ink between layers rather than having the time to wait for it to dry on its own.


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Artwork: Hearts a Mess






****I actually finished and posted about this on Tumblr at the end of January, but only just realised I hadn’t posted it on here for some reason.****

Hearts A Mess, ink, pen, black thread, cardboard, on paper, 26 x19 cm

The majority of inspiration for the piece came from the first few lines and the title of the song itself.

Pick apart the pieces of your heart

And let me peer inside.

I wanted to show a heart (anatomical, obviously) pulled/ picked apart on the paper. The heart is drawn with an fine-line ink pen and white acrylic ink. The image that I used as reference is from The Graphics Fairy -a great resource for out of copyright and vintage imagery. The thread, keeping the pieces of the heart together, I wanted to be reminiscent of muscles/ strands/ seams that would be pulled to the limit. The viewer can also ‘peer’ in between the gaps created by the crossed threads to the base ink below.

I kept a red and blue theme (keeping in tie with the medial illustration idea) with the ink. As I was using water to transport the ink around the paper, they mixed together and created a deep red, almost purple colour that I liked. I broke up some of the colour with white ink, for aesthetic composition but also so more of the black thread could been seen when placed over the top.

I have a few of the cardboard frames used in this image, I thought this would be great to represent a ‘frame of mind’ (a little literal, but I like it). I drew out a figure silhouette with reference to a stock pose from SenshiStock (another great resource for poses and reference imagery). I felt that keeping the figure ambiguous fit in well with the overall aesthetic and intention of the artwork. I originally thought about using two figures in the piece but after some test sketches I felt that it would create superflous narrative. I continued using the thread as a connector and wrapped it around the figure, connecting it to both the ‘mind’ and the heart but also showing that they both confine the figure at the same time.

Link to the song (and official video) on Youtube.

Next Song is Coming Back which has a lot more narrative than the ones before it, it may take a bit more planning than the others so far.

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New Artwork: Mriya


Mriya, Ink on 250gsm paper, 12.5cm x 9cm

I’ve found myself watching lots of Youtube videos showing the Antonov An-225 recently. I originally found out about this plane whilst studying for my Masters last year; I was researching a lot of Russian plane disasters at one point and watching a lot of recorded footage on Youtube and other video sites. There always seemed to be links somewhere to videos of of the An-225 landing, taking off and being loaded at various airports.

I always watched with fascination and researched into the aircraft a little bit but never really bought it into my artwork as its history never really matched my work at the time. I’ve revisited it lately and thought that it would an interesting continuation of my plane related artwork to start with some deconstructions of this beautiful, Ukrainian beast.

I’ve been pushed for time recently (hence the very little posting) but I managed to produce this small, kind of rough, ink piece in relation to the An-225. Hopefully this is the first of many works in a series of artworks in relation to cargo aircraft. I love commercial passenger planes but cargo transportation also has my interest in terms of aesthetics and engineering. I’m always intrigued how passenger aircraft are modified to transport all sorts of cargo across the world.


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Illustration Friday: Ocean

I did upload this yesterday but decided to take better photos of it in the light this morning rather than using the one I took last night with a camera flash.

My piece for this week’s Illustration Friday. The topic this week being Ocean I decided to create something below the ocean waves, resting on the seabed.

This is in my Moleskine, created with an ink base and dry pastel layered over this. I also went back in with a tiny brush and black acrylic ink to add a few details.

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New Artwork






Finally finished this piece. This is my second artwork in my current Gotye Project based on The Only Way.

The lyrics of this song had a lot of influence on the progression of the artwork. A one way journey, passing from life to death, into the unknown from the experienced were all notes that I made whilst listening to the song. (Here on Youtube if you’re unfamiliar with it)

I chose the imagery of a tunnel as a metaphor for this journey, the end is bathed in light and represents the unknown. I chose to show a solitary, non-specific figure en route to the other side of the tunnel.

Although the lyrics can seem somewhat bleak, the song itself is not a slow, moody song but still has a certain atmosphere emanating from it’s sounds. I chose a green base rather than a more common blue, cold base to reflect this. I added starker contrasts of dark shadows and bleached highlights to emphasise the sense of place within the scene depicted. The lyrics, which are repeated over continuously, have been image transferred onto the left side of the tunnel wall.

The Only Way

Ink, oil pastel, acrylic paint on paper, 42 x 29.7cm

First artwork in the series Like Drawing Blood here.

Next onto Hearts A Mess.


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Artwork Update

A few more updated images of the large plane painting which is not completely finished yet. I have used this image and technique in a smaller work, here I am experimenting with scale.

The image itself I feel does has a larger impact on the viewer and sense of space, of course I do think that how the work is eventually displayed will also affect this. I will have to take this into account if it’s one of the works I choose for the end of year MA exhibition.

I slightly changed the technique I used for the text image transfer. I pulled away the entire paper sheet from the emulsion for the majority of the text and also used the usual technique of wetting and rubbing away the backing of the paper sheet in some places to give different texture.

The left half of the image is distressed with ink and water added to somewhat reference the heavy rain and wet conditions of the runway on landing. On this scale the ‘hard’ edge of the ink and text I feel is more visible however I think the lines of the image being this big do not look as ‘fragmented’ as I’d like. When making images on a larger scale like this I think I should limit the lines used in outlines and the text to emphasises fragmentation.

I’ve also included some close up images of the texture of the paper and the ink. All images are taken with my phone so not impressive quality but when everything is finished I’m planning on taking better images with my DSLR.

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