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New Artwork: La Da Da


la da da final


La Da Da, acrylic ink, pigment ink pen, acrylic paint on canvas board,  25 x 25 cm

Piece for the second song on the album Crash Site. The pieces in this series were commissioned for a music album by C.J Kane.

The second image shows the image with text as it will be shown.

The main visual ideas suggested for this piece were ‘Pine trees (forest) under night sky – white/grey/black/blue/green.’

After some experimentation with different colour combinations I decided to keep the background white- partially to compliment the other pieces made for the album and partially to allow textures to be seen. I felt that it was better for the overall look of the artwork to suggest the idea of a cold evening/night with textures and dark hues rather than flooding the image with black.

I also decided to add the plane silhouette to both complete the gap between the tree tops and reference the album title itself.

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