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New Artwork: Crash Site


crash site final

Crash Site, acrylic ink, pigment ink pen on paper, 20 x 20 cm

Piece for the cover of the album Crash Site. The pieces in this series were commissioned for a music album by C.J Kane.

The second image shows the image with text as it will be shown.

Ideas suggested for this piece included various parts of a crashed plane/ plane debris at an aircraft crash. Again, I was able to revisit some of my Masters artwork with piece- interesting to go back after a year.

With this images, C.J wanted a representation of a plane crash but from a strong viewpoint for the viewer. The piece had to represent and bring together the other artworks of the album and of course the songs themselves. I kept the similar fractured silhouette- this time the front of the crashed plane’s cockpit- along with colours of bleeding/smoking ink.

I also chose this angle for the plane as the cockpit windows are easily recognisable- very important with fracturing a familiar, everyday object. I still wanted coherence between the image and representation of a a crashed plane and its connotations.

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