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New Artwork: Thanks for Your Time


Thanks for your time, ink, acrylic paint, image transfer, collaged imagery, brown paper on card, 14 x 21 cm

This piece is long overdue as I’ve been busy with other things and that this piece stumped me for a little while. I produced two other pieces for the same song but wasn’t happy with either of them so I endeavoured to start again.

As you can see I was heavily influenced by the amazing official video for this song (watch it here on Youtube) The description of the video explains that it was created by ‘Lucy Dyson by cutting up old magazines, children’s books and photos of innumerable telephones.’

In my piece I used various images from vintage phone adverts, magazines and ‘retro’ inspired patterns to make up the background layer.

Image of the collaged background before painting and ink over the top here.

I wanted to include an image of Wally himself since I haven’t drawn him for a while. I decided to make him annoyed while holding out a phone receiver, again pertaining to the song.

Image inspiration from Getty Images.


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