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Moleskine sketches and planning



Sketches and mixed media planning for an art piece in my Moleskine. This piece is inspired by a doll/lamp in grav3yardgirl‘s latest antique hall video.

I mainly wanted to experiment with texture, collage and media that would reflect the condition and eerie charm of the doll and see what would work in the final piece.

I’m very much looking forward to starting this artwork.


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Artwork: Fractals






Fractals, ink and acrylic paint on cotton fabric, 14.5cm x 9cm.

My first artwork based on one of the poems in Loqui by Greg Webster I bought a few months ago.

I based a lot of the imagery in the piece on the first two verses of Fractals:


On the rocks

where her skull opened

to set free and scatter

scarlet butterflies in their millions


alongside the shoreside

the cliff rise

the dark coastal crush

where the monochrome

a long exposure 

of cliff erosion

I plan on making a few more of these over the next few weeks.

The author on Tumblr

Purchase Loqui here

It’s a highly recommended purchase from me.


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New Artwork Series









*This has been posted on Tumblr for a while now but I decided to also share it on here too.*


First artwork from my Gotye project outline in this post.

Christmas was probably the wrong time to start this hah, but I finally managed to find some time to make some work.

This is inspired by the song Like Drawing Blood from the same named album by Gotye. I mainly took cues from the phrase ‘like drawing blood from a stone’ since I needed more context to go along with the title of the song and the sounds contained within it.

Like Drawing Blood, ink, dry pastel on paper, 32 x 25 cm

Next on to The Only Way.


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Illustration Friday

This week’s topic on Illustration Friday is Whiskers and I didn’t think I would upload anything this week as I’d left it late.

However, seeing that Wally/Gotye won 4 ARIAs today and I love this image of him with one of the awards I thought I’d make this quick piece of artwork and upload it. He does have stubbly whiskers in the photo so there’s the connection with the original topic haha. This was quickly done so it’s not perfect but I like it.

And of course congrats to Wally for the awards.

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New Moleskine

First page of a new Moleskine, poppies for Remembrance Day here in the UK.

Text reads ‘Lest we forget…’

Acrylic ink and pen.

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Artwork In Progress

This is the latest artwork I have started working on. For the next few pieces (since I work in series of artworks) I will be looking at the 2008 crash of a cargo 747 operating under Centurion Air Cargo in Columbia.

This is a link to aviationsafety.net where a summary report of the crash can be found, along with images. Short narrative of the crash:

Boeing 747 N714CK, operated by Kalitta Airlines as a wet lease to Centurion Airlines, took off from Bogota (BOG), carrying a cargo of flowers to Miami (MIA).
Reports say the crew radioed that they had an engine fire. The airplane impacted a farm field, broke up and caught fire. A farm was demolished in the crash, killing two people inside.
Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed during the accident, with a reported cloud ceiling of 1,700 above the ground and calm winds.

Stages of artwork so far:

I may want to add some more fragmented text of the report into the image although I’m not sure where it would be effective. I think I’ll need to carry on with acrylic and work into the image of the cockpit more. I’m also thinking of adding a hint of the broken off engine in the background.

I’m not back in the studio until the 16th April so I’ll be working on smaller plane studies, sketches and sketchbook work to plan for larger works when I get back.

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