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Double Moleskine Page

double moleskine page


Mixed media double Moleskine page.

Sometimes just making a mark on paper, putting paint down, splashing ink around gets me out of a restrictive headspace.

Don’t be tempted to overthink the marks that turn your tiny inklings into vibrant, expanding ideas.

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Illustration Friday- Airborne

Illustration Friday- AirborneAirborne, ink and acrylic paint on paper, 29.7 x 42.0cm

My submission for this week’s Illustration Friday topic Airborne.

I’ll be at Cosford Air Show this Sunday selling artwork and various other handmade things- this will be one of the artworks for sale and will be framed.

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Crash Site Artworks

deathofapilot_cover_final firstclass_final_1 ladada_final_1 Run all_i_hear_final the dope union_street highreligion_final_1 death of a pilot_song_pixels

Crash Site Artworks

These are all the art pieces I created for the album Crash Site by CJ Kane. Each image in this post has a caption showing the title of the song the artwork is for. 

I have created more detailed blog posts for the majority of the pieces, you can see these posts here.

The album is free to download from cj-kane.com and can also be listened to on Soundcloud.

Please check it out and support independent musicians/ artists.

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New Artwork: All I Hear

all I hear final

All I Hear, acrylic ink, pigment ink pen, acrylic paint on canvas board,  25 x 25 cm

Some elements of this image were further arranged in Photoshop.

Piece for the third song on the album Crash Site. The pieces in this series were commissioned for a music album by C.J Kane.

The second image shows the image with text as it will be shown.

The main visual ideas suggested (by C.J) for this piece were ‘empty night street with dim lit street lights – white/black/grey (blue/green in the lights).’

After some experimentation, initial sketches and colour tests I decided to (like I had done with my second piece La Da Da) imply the darkness of the image without overloading the image with blacks and dark colours. I wanted this piece to have an atmosphere of a small empty town at night, wet with rain that is also reflecting the green and blue lights. I stuck with simple silhouettes, leaving the texture to be picked up with the white and coloured ink splatter.

I also decided to add a vague , almost dispersing figure silhouette to the right of the image. The idea was to convey a solitary figure walking through lonely streets at night, with many conflicting thoughts and ideas overwhelming their mind.

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Artwork Rejects




Two pieces of work that were not chosen for the final album pieces. These artworks illustrate the same song, as you can see, I decided to try different approaches to demonstrate the view from a commercial aircraft window.

Each piece is acrylic ink and paint on card and cleaned up/slightly re-arranged in photoshop.

I’m aiming to post a detailed blog post on each piece that was selected for the album and how they fit together as a project.

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New Artwork Commission- Until the Future




Close up details:




Latest canvas commission.

Until the Future, acrylic ink,text image transfer, ink stamp, acrylic paint, cut paper on canvas, 59.4 x 42cm

The person who commissioned the piece wanted it focused around the colours of black and teal and various states of melting butterflies- representing the past, present and future.

I aged the look of he canvas and added various types of texts in the background- taken from my own scans of vintage books.

To bring the image and concepts together I also added the image of a clock face and a compass windrose to literally represent both time and direction.


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Illustration Friday: Robot


Close up detail:





Goggles, acrylic paint, ink pen, acrylic ink on acrylic paper, 25 x 17.5 cm

My entry for this week’s Illustration Friday theme Robot.

Rabbit from SPG.


I referenced a few of Beth Riley’s photographs for this piece. Have a look at her amazing photography here on Flickr.



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New Artwork: Cove


Close ups of ink and texture:





Cove, 17 x11.5cm, acrylic paint, pen and ink on card

My fourth artwork based on one of the poems in Loqui by Greg Webster that I bought a few months ago.

The first layer of ink started off way more figurative but developed into something a little bit more abstract. I’m quite happy with the development as after the first few layers I wasn’t sure whether I should just throw away the idea and start again. I’m quite happy that I persevered with this piece.

Again with this piece, hopefully you can see my inspiration tangled within the words of the poem:


Where the black rock is silvered with moon spittle

violins of night cries squeal knife fights

and my own baritones, guttural roars

are the bowed strings of longing,

the song from the hulls of ships gone .

Come in to my cove, wild seas.

I cannot promise halos

but with black wings

I can draw a shadow

where there used to be.

And when the tears are torn from the skies

burrow down into the crook, the cradle of the bay

And I will set us in stone,

if only you stay.


The author on Tumblr

Purchase Loqui here

See my other artworks in this series here.

The author on Tumblr

Purchase Loqui here

See my other artworks in this series here.


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Moleskine Page

Just a little inky something in my Moleskine…

Acrylic ink and acrylic paint.

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This artwork is similar to a smaller experimental piece that I did a few months ago (this post), here I wanted to try a similar method and aesthetic on a larger scale. I have also specifically made this is response to the 1999 Britannia crash in Gerona. The piece is based on Boeing’s CAD drawings of the 757 with 90s Britannia livery applied.

The left half of the image represents the clean, active plane and the right half represents the crashed plane. I’ve tried to incorporate the different elements of the crash, unattached engine, missing nose gear, cracked nose cone etc. In the work I’ve also included report text and measurements of the plane taken from the CAD drawings.

Obviously this is not a ‘neat’ piece of work as I was trying out adding livery and the representing the crash on the same ‘diagram’. The lines and the text are not as good as good as I would like them if this was a final finished piece. I am also no sure whether the ‘diagram’ works as a whole, I think it may be too ‘busy’ to get across any issues of the spectacle with details conflicting with each other and another angle of plane may be more recognisable and identifiable.

I still like the half and half image technique but will choose only a few details to focus on and contrast, hopefully this will allow me to portray the fragmentation and spectacle to a higher degree.

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