Inktober/Drawlloween 2015 #6

inktober 6 pumpkin

Inktober and Drawlloween day 6- Pumpkin

I wanted to do a little bit of Over The Garden Wall fanart for today- I thought the topic Pumpkin seemed quite fitting.

As you can see, I watered down my black ink and built up the layers of colour.

I highly recommend OTGW and this month is a great time to watch it if you haven’t already.

This is done with acrylic ink, couple of brushes and a 0.3 Letraset fineliner in my A6 sketchbook.


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4 responses to “Inktober/Drawlloween 2015 #6

  1. Yay. I liked most of that short series/story. I still have some sections to watch…whenever I get to finding them, again. But, you are the first fan art of the story I have found. ‘Loved the bluebird.

    • This would be the boys if they went back to join that weird circus of pumpkin people in the ground, right?

      • I didn’t actually consider that when I was sketching it out but after I’d inked and finished it, I did see that it looked like a creepy hint to what would happen if they had stayed in Pottsfield. You should definitely search around for some OTGW fan art- there’s some great pieces out there.

      • In a way, just about any autumn gnome and pumpkin art could be OTGW fan art.

        I forgot the name of the town. It wasn’t Pottersfield?

        Aside from the bluebird, I also enjoyed the lil brother’s use of candy as a weapon/distraction. What was his name? Toad?

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