Decorating Boxes- Old Sweet Shop

For a charity week/event at Crystal Finance, I was asked to turn an old laptop cardboard box into something that reflected an old sweet shop. The box would hold various sweets and chocolates to sell for charity- the smaller gold box you can see in the images acted as a money pot.

I used acrylic paint for the majority of the box, the white dots were actually made with a circle paper punch and blank sticky label. The sweets jars and sign were watercolour, ink pen and acrylic ink, these were fun to paint. I also added some blue polka dot ribbon on the inside so that the top of the box would stay upright when opened.

This actually took me a couple of days but I loved how it came out and now I won’t want to throw out any boxes in case I feel like decorating them for something else.

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Filed under Artwork, Craft Projects, Design, Illustration, Sketches and Misc. Artwork

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