Art Assignment: Collaborate with Son Lux

Art Assignment Final

|Art Assignment Submission|

A Collaboration with Son Lux – mixed media (acrylic ink, ink pen, paint, brown paper print) on acrylic board,14.8 x 21 cm

My Art Assignment submission, this piece was very much inspired by the ideas of audio processes and audio remixing. In the video, Ryan/Son Lux discusses the creation of his music and his exploration of digital signal processing in acoustic sounds. When talking about the potential for collaboration he also mentioned musicians possibly remixing the audio.

I wanted to play with the idea of the visual representation of audio, remixing and layers of (art) processes creating a final art piece that both remixes and embellishes my own initial interpretations and reaction to the audio.

Each image shows the stages and layers of the piece:

Stage 1

  • Acrylic board was prepped and masked off with masking tape in various sections
  • Ink was applied to the board while listening to the audio for the first time

Stage 2

  • The ink was left to dry and the masking tape was peeled off the board
  • The pieces of inky tape were put aside for a later layer

Stage 3

  • I printed the waveform of the audio onto a scrap of brown paper
  • While again listening to the audio I sliced the waveform into small sections with a blade

Stage 4

  • I rearranged the inked masking tape pieces onto the board over the existing ink forms on the board
  • I took various slices of the waveform and arranged them over the board and masking tape
  • These things were done while listening to the audio on loop

Stage 5

  • For the final layer I wanted to add some drawing detail that would contrast the highly digitally created audio

I found that the masking tape was a great way for my to ‘remix’ my ink interpretation of the music along with visually cropping and editing the waveform of the audio.

For the drawing I decided on two of my favourite analogue recording devices- a reel to reel machine and a cassette tape. Both of these use a magnetic tape format which allow audio to be stored, mixed and edited and of course were popular before the dawn of everything digital. Cassette tapes are also synonymous with mix tapes and it was a medium I played around with a lot as a kid.

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