Inktober #29 | Gotye Project Piece




[Inktober #29 and 8th Gotye Piece]

I decided to combine today’s inktober ink piece and a piece for my Gotye Project as I am long overdue adding another artwork to that project.

This is Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver- music and video here on Youtube

This piece is layered writing with an ink pen, acrylic ink applied with a brush (and moved about with a water spritzer) and a final detailing with acrylic in and a small brush.

I took inspiration from the song title itself and the mood of the instrumental song. As it is near Halloween I also wanted to bring out a creepiness in my interpretation of the music.

Hopefully I should be back on track with this project- so many other things have overtaken my time this year. I like to be able to have time to reflect on my ideas about a song and work out the main themes, artwork layering and composition etc. I like to take into consideration music mood, lyrics and Wally’s original musical intention.


See other artworks in this series here.

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