New Artwork: Puzzle with a Piece Missing.



Puzzle with a piece missing, ink, cut text, ink pen, acetate print, 17.3 x 23cm

The next piece done for my ongoing Gotye project.

With this piece I wanted to capture the overall sombre feeling of the song. I decided to use muted blue and purple ink accented with simple black and white. I also wanted the figure to look and solemn reflective with the jigsaw texture (and the absent pieces) as an obvious link to the song title.

The subtle graphics in the background ink is a collage made in Photoshop from vintage diagrams and text, printed onto acetate and then onto the ink base. The text in the piece is a couple of lines from the song.

I used this stock image by AmethystDreams1987 as drawing reference.


See other artworks in this series here.

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