New Artwork: Death of a Pilot

death of a pilot_withouttext

death of a pilot final

Death of a Pilot, acrylic ink, pigment ink pen on handmade paper, 20 x 20 cm

Piece for the fifth and final song on the album Crash Site. The pieces in this series were commissioned for a music album by C.J Kane.

The second image shows the image with text as it will be shown.

Ideas suggested for this piece included ‘airplane, in the sky or possibly crashing (similar to the cover, but different view, or colours, or plane, or angles etc) I was able to revisit some of my Masters artwork with piece- interesting to go back after a year.

With this images, C.J wanted a representation of a plane crash, of course, and I kept the similar fractured silhouette along with colours of bleeding/smoking ink.

I chose this angle for the plane as the cockpit windows and nose cone are easily recognisable- very important with fracturing a familiar, everyday object. I still wanted coherence between the image and representation of a a crashed plane and its connotations.

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