New Artwork: Glass Origami







Glass Origami, 14.8 x 10.5cm, acrylic ink on card.

My third artwork based on one of the poems in Loqui by Greg Webster that I bought a few months ago.

I decided this piece would be more abstract than the other so far- focusing on using colour and vague form rather than subject to bring the piece together.

I used acrylic ink along with masking tape and my trusty water spray bottle to manually direct the ink across the card. Waiting for each layer to dry before building up ink colour and splatter.

I used the three middle verses of the poem as inspiration for this piece, hopefully by reading these you can see where my ideas surfaced:


A jagged edge

still bitter for being run down

jumped up

and slam-dunked,

a stone that conceived

a plan to concave.


A score mark for carving

or drilling to a shatter,

for folding like an origami

pattern of glass.


Now I cannot stop staring

at every traffic stop.

It’s cutting across the sky

with a white line

a slash of sunshine.

The author on Tumblr

Purchase Loqui here

See my other artworks in this series here.


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