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Finally finished this piece. This is my second artwork in my current Gotye Project based on The Only Way.

The lyrics of this song had a lot of influence on the progression of the artwork. A one way journey, passing from life to death, into the unknown from the experienced were all notes that I made whilst listening to the song. (Here on Youtube if you’re unfamiliar with it)

I chose the imagery of a tunnel as a metaphor for this journey, the end is bathed in light and represents the unknown. I chose to show a solitary, non-specific figure en route to the other side of the tunnel.

Although the lyrics can seem somewhat bleak, the song itself is not a slow, moody song but still has a certain atmosphere emanating from it’s sounds. I chose a green base rather than a more common blue, cold base to reflect this. I added starker contrasts of dark shadows and bleached highlights to emphasise the sense of place within the scene depicted. The lyrics, which are repeated over continuously, have been image transferred onto the left side of the tunnel wall.

The Only Way

Ink, oil pastel, acrylic paint on paper, 42 x 29.7cm

First artwork in the series Like Drawing Blood here.

Next onto Hearts A Mess.


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