New Artwork: The existence of Windshear on Approach

This artwork is a larger piece that developed from my two smaller pieces on the 1993 Poland crash (previous post). After producing the work A cargo of flowers to Miami I decided to not further outline the plane form with ink. The outline is added digitally and so is transferred with along with the text from the paper, at times it feint or incomplete. I felt this fitted with the overall aesthetic of the work itself.

The summary report text is, again, available here

This work shows both the fuselage and the cockpit of the plane and the fragmented form after the fire, using this crash for inspiration I was able to illustrate fragmentation of both image and text in this artwork. I used an ink and water method to create an abstract background for work and tried to combine the printed text and the background far more than the other works where I was trying to remove context from the actual scene of the crash.

This is the last work I produced for this semester’s assessment, I definitely feel that this piece is an accumulation of my experimentation and studies and allows me to see where my work will develop in my final semester.

The artwork is ink, acrylic paint and printed text on paper and is 196 x150 cm.

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