New Artwork: Bouncing to a Halt in the Lake

Another update of a piece done for Semester B at University, my first large piece done with text image transfer.

The first image shows the undercoat of ink and then other stages after this. The last two images show the completed image and then a photograph to demonstrate the size of the work. I will also make a post of the other work in the last image later on.

This work is a result of my research into the crash of  cargo flight 310 in Tanzania. The plane was a Boeing 707-351C and was operating under Trans Arabian Air Transport on its way to Mwanza to pick up its cargo set for Europe.  The aircraft came down to rest in the middle of a lake.

The report summary and some more crash information is available here.

I identified the form and outline of the plane and applied the report narrative text to it’s shape, using an image transfer method to get the text onto the primed paper.

I then added layers of ink and acrylic paint to finish the image.

The final title I settled on in this image is Bouncing to a Halt in the Lake. For this series of artworks, I chose suitable sentences or phrases from the report text itself to title the images. The aim of the titles are to add extra context to the crash for the viewer.

More artwork posts to come…

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One response to “New Artwork: Bouncing to a Halt in the Lake

  1. Turned out well for Rachel, not so well for the plane and occupants!

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