Artwork Update

This post will be a large artwork update since I haven’t posted on for a long time. I’ve recently been working through where I was stuck and didn’t know where to take the artwork and develop it. A tutorial definitely helped me think through my thoughts and identify where I want to develop and what exactly I am trying to convey with my pieces.

These images of my artwork are in order of creation, some of them are stages, some are finished works.

In my Discourse and Reflection module I have specifically been researching and writing on the spectacle of the disaster. This has made me consider levels of mediation in disaster representation. I want to develop my work along with this and will be using layers of ink, acrylic and text reports of plane crashes to allude to the fragmentation of imagery and information given to the public through mediated sources.

From now I will also try to update on each piece of work allowing me to write out my thoughts and ideas for individual work development rather than a large update with lots of images but little text.

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