Boeing’s large production plant in Everett, Washington.

Article here:

‘By volume, the Boeing Everett Factory the largest building ever constructed, covering just under a hundred solid acres of ground. To put that in perspective, it’s one single building the size of all of Disneyland with 12 acres of covered parking thrown in for good measure. Around 30,000 workers pass through daily, and even with three shifts, employees have to leave in staggered waves to avoid completely swamping the local roads.

The factory is basically a small, self-contained city. It’s got its own freeway (with an airplane overpass), its own railway station, fire department, security force, water treatment plant, bank, medical center, childcare center, five Tully’s Coffee stands and 19 cafeterias which pump out 17,000 meals per day. Since some of the biggest airplanes in the world keep coming out of the place, it’s got some seriously huge doors, too. Each one is about the size of a football field, and the largest digital mural in the world is plastered across them.

You might expect a building of this volume to have massive heating and air conditioning bills, but in fact it has neither. The Pacific Northwest is fortunately very temperate, and if it gets hot, they just open all the doors. In the winter, enough heat is provided by the tens of thousands of people all working with power tools (and the million or so overhead lighting fixtures) to keep the place comfortable. Boeing did have to install an air circulation system, though, to prevent clouds from forming up by the ceiling.’

I have a strange love for large industrial buildings- this one combines my love of immense volume, the industrial and aviation. Many people don’t think about the technology and phenomenon of flight, they take it for granted that they can be ferried through the sky and reach distant places in a matter of hours. I think these photographs reflect on progress and technology and show the immensity of commercial aviation.


Click thumbnails for larger images:


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