Flight websites for research

Through searching the internet I’ve come across websites and online databases with information on planes and plane crashes. I’ve found these websites as useful sources that complement my literary research. They are all current and updated with new information of planes and any events and news that happens in aviation.


– detailed information on crashes and photographs
– has statistics and small technical details and information
– dates are current and is updated regularly with crashes but also news in aviation
– only crashes from 2000 onwards

– detailed information and photographs with photographs- usually more than one of each situation
– NTSB official format used when assessing details of each crash
– crashes from 1950

-photographs and details of planes being decommissioned, parted out, dismantled and slaved
-good reference photographs for specific parts of planes, seeing how planes are put together and also broken planes

-photographs of planes depicted in flight, at airports all from different angles
-high quality photographs
-good photographs for references against crashed planes- see the difference to the technology that the crash makes

-expanded database of dates from 1943- present, updated regularly
-government formatting, official details from each crash
-has sources for news stories covering each crash
-narrative of events leading up to crashes

Being able to look up these crashes has allowed me to apply my reading on the sublime and terror to real and specific events. It also has allowed me to decide to depict specific events in my artwork. By choosing each single crash I can read up on the details and respectfully use the crash in my artwork- looking at the forms, settings and damage to both the pane and the environment in each case.


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