Artist Research- Andrew Knox

Notes from my research into the Artist Andrew Knox
•Looking at specific work- sculpture titled Death of a White Good

•The work depicts the shattered nose of a passenger jet plane resting on the lawn in the grounds  of the Werribee Mansion, Melbourne.

•The sculpture reflects both the beauty and fear of man’s progression into flight

•The sculpture itself is far removed from actual debris of a real plane crash. Its edges, although jagged, are smooth and the steel itself is perfectly white almost picturesque

•The work also does not have a strict context of time or place, the sculpture itself may be seen differently depending on where it is placed- outside locations, galleries etc

•“The plane crash is a recurring image in contemporary and whether it be caused by an act of God, human/mechanical error or malicious intent, it has the same sublime power to horrify and fascinate and so in turn to become romanticised.”- Quote from Alexander Knox talking about his work

•Won The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award 2006, was met with some criticism about disrespect of air crash victims and their families

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