Studio Experiments- example of how experiments inform practice

Painting experiments are integral part of my methodology, supporting my research in my practice as an artist.

These are the first set of experimental paintings, my response to the subject of aviation disasters and the sublime. My interest in this area has progressed from last year in my BA looking at the Industrial and the Technological Sublime. My intent with these initial painting/sketches was to look at represented forms of the crashed plane as an object and viewer response.

I consider these images sketches and not completed artworks

These are ink and acrylic on paper- 59.4cm x 84.1cm

From these sketches I’ve found that a purely abstract background does not successfully support the main subject matter and the plane form itself. I feel that the image at least need a suggested landscape to rest within. From feedback in a seminar session I also feel and have found that that the shape and form used to represent a plane has to be iconic and identifiable.

The first image is taken from a photograph of a wreck on a plane left in the landscape for 20 years- the plane’s jets and cockpit have been broken off and taken away, only the main framework of the fuselage remains. The mass of paint on the paper was not immediately identifiable as a plane wreck however I do like the texture of the mixed paint. The background, again, is weak point of the sketch and I will have to consider more in my other pieces of artwork

The second image is a a tail section of a small plane, I manly focused on the texture of the form – trying out thicker acrylic paint, grain gel medium mixed with the paint and also mixing a gloss medium into the paint. I pan to use these mediums again mixed with paint and possible ink when working on my other pieces.

The third image I feel is the more successful. This sketch depicts the nose of a plane along with an indication of jets and the start of the wing forms. This is the most iconic and identifiable form of the plane; in my other artworks I will use these forms in various depiction of the planes. I also feel the style of the paint work is successful- the paint in not ‘neat’ and the edges of the plane somewhat disappear into the background as if merging with it. In my next artworks I will consider these artworks and base my practice on the strengths of these pieces.

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