Artwork Scale

From my next sketches/paintings that I have done in response to my earlier experiments, I have found that scale is also an important factor in impact of my particular subject matter. These new sketches are ink, acrylic and dry pastel on paper 84.1cm x 118.9cm.

In these images I feel the presentation and depiction of the plane is successful, I also think the background is still abstract but has a much better sense of landscape. I want to elaborate on this idea of landscape and setting in the next images I produce. Hopefully this week I can start on artworks I can complete and are close to exhibiting.

These images have also made me think about the scale in terms of ratio of plane and background/setting. I feel that the plane forms in all of these images are far too big for both the size of the paper and the amount of environment surrounding them. To portray the idea of the technological, terror and the sublime there needs to be a reference to the surroundings possibly reflecting classic landscapes dealing with nature/environment and the sublime- Turner for example.

I feel that the last image has more potential to be worked on- the plane is lying on the landscape, the horizon is low and there is a lot more background on show. I may test out some small image transfers for subtle references to hangars, posts, airport paraphernalia etc in the environment. This idea is a result of looking at the car crash paintings of Dirk Skreber (German painter and sculptor) many of the backgrounds in these paintings are pale and abstract but have subtle hints at forms in the environment the crashes have taken place.


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