Work in Progress


|Work in Progress|

This piece is inspired this makeup video by Natasha/myeyeshadowisodd on Youtube.

I may still change a few things after the initial sketch stage. I’m not sure whether to disjoint the image/anatomy a little more, we shall see.


Follow myeyeshadowisodd on:


For amazing makeup looks and general awesomeness.

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Crash Site Artworks

deathofapilot_cover_final firstclass_final_1 ladada_final_1 Run all_i_hear_final the dope union_street highreligion_final_1 death of a pilot_song_pixels

Crash Site Artworks

These are all the art pieces I created for the album Crash Site by CJ Kane. Each image in this post has a caption showing the title of the song the artwork is for. 

I have created more detailed blog posts for the majority of the pieces, you can see these posts here.

The album is free to download from and can also be listened to on Soundcloud.

Please check it out and support independent musicians/ artists.

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New Artwork- Offering

Scan 1


Offering, watercolour, pen and acrylic ink on watercolour paper, 21 x 29.7 cm

This is more of a ‘one-off’ illustration made as a gift for a friend of mine, unfortunately it ended up getting lost in the mail so the original piece somewhere else in the world. Maybe someone received it by mistake- i wonder what they would make of it.

This was something fun and a little different for me to create.

It is inspired by this stock image.

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Finished artwork- Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Ink


Finished the little watercolour and ink Tomb Raider piece.

I was asked to create a custom Tomb Raider birthday card and this is part of its design.
Lara’s design is based off earlier game models.

This was quite fun to do since I’ve been a huge Tomb Raider fan for years, I may actually make a large Lara Croft ink and paint piece separate to this.

For the image on the card I used the artwork at just the watercolour stage- later I decided to finish the piece separately with the addition of acrylic ink.



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New Artwork- Work in Progress



Work In Progress

I was asked to make a custom Tomb Raider birthday card. This is a rough sketch of the watercolour I’m going include in its design.

Both the recipient of the card and I prefer the earlier game models of Lara so this is based off those.

This will be an artwork in itself and scaled down to fit onto the 5 x 7” card.

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Exhibition Artworks


Blast Furnace #1, acrylic ink on paper, 13 x 18cm

Scan 2

Broken Freight, acrylic ink, and collage on paper 32.5 x27.5cm

Scan 3

Motorway Dusk, acrylic ink, collage, and gel medium on paper, 37.5 x 32.5cm


Decommissioned, acrylic ink and collage on paper, 48.5 x 36.5 cm


These artworks of mine are currently on display (and for sale) as part of a group exhibition through U-Neek Walls. The exhibition is on until the 27th July at Urban Coffee Company, Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP (UK)

If you’re in the area please drop in a have a look at the marvellous artwork on display by the group of artists and enjoy the beautiful coffee shop surroundings.

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New Artwork- 1968

Scan 4

1968, collage, acrylic ink, acrylic paint and pen on paper, 14.5 x 21cm

This is a piece inspired by the Flower Bed song 1968- one of my favourite songs by the band.

It is a simple art piece in terms of composition but I wanted to reflect the atmosphere of the short and beautiful song- I didn’t want to make it overall complex.

The cut text is a short lyric from the song also, I believe these words were specific inspiration for the piece.

The concept was also inspired by this stock by senju-hime-stock.

You can follow Flower Bed:


And hear their music:


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